A brand new British championship series will run alongside the MX1 and MX2 championships for the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship says a report in TMX newspaper.

TMX report it as a ‘brand-new series-within-a-series’ designed to strengthen participation from riders who were unable to attain an overall top 10.

With categories for MX1 and MX2 class competitors, the British Expert Championship is exclusively for riders who fell outside the top 10 the previous year.


And even though that list of riders includes Tommy Searle, who had a torrid time with injuries in 2017 forcing the highest ranking English rider in the series to finish outside the top 10, under the rules he will not be eligible with a clause that excludes competitors who have competed in a world championship round in the previous two seasons or who contests a world championship event in the current year.

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