A good crowd watched some epic racing and must have gone home happy after witnessing three British riders taste victory in the first race of the British series.

Tommy Searle made an impressive return to British motocross yesterday at Lyng for the opening round of the 2016 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship, supported by Pro Clean.

The Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki rider went head to head with MXGP rival Shaun Simpson for the first time in the British MX1 championship at Cadders Hill and the Brit silenced many doubters with an outstanding ride on what many consider to be Simpson’s preferred surface.


The reigning champion didn’t look 100 per cent with the Wilvo Virus Performance KTM pilot suffering from a virus that he pick up at the Thai GP, but that takes nothing away from Searle who bagged two race wins to take the overall.

Longstanding Dirt Bike Rider columnist Jake Nicholls was impressive in his comeback to racing after a catalogue of injuries in 2015.

The Nicholls started the day well with sixth gate pick and the Hitachi Revo Husqvarna pilot didn’t fade as the day closed out.

An eighth place finish in moto one was a good start to his championship campaign and in moto two he pushed Simpson all the way through the race. Simpson held on to second and Nicholls took third.

Graeme Irwin didn’t get the best starts at Lyng but looked good on his Buildbase Honda Racing machine with strong finishes in both motos to take 4-6 and fifth overall. Irwin’s team-mate Kristian Whatley didn’t have a great winter prep but looks to be getting back to his former self with a very consistent weekend of racing – taking fourth in Quali and then two fifth places in the motos for a sixth overall.

Speaking of consistent…Tanel Leok was third in Qualifying and then put in two very solid rides to table a 3-4 scorecard to take third overall.

Yamaha Geartec’s Elliot Banks-Browne still looks to be riding within himself as he continues his comeback. EBB still finished inside the top 10 with a 7-9 result – seventh overall. Hopefully, we’ll see more from Elliot as the season progresses.

Following Brad Anderson’s brilliant ride at the opening round of MX Nationals in Preston, the Verde Sports Racing pilot would have hoped for a good result at the opening round of the British series. But he didn’t have the best of days by the very high standards he sets himself – 9-8 for a 10th overall will motivate the KTM rider for the next round.


Max Anstie and his young gun team-mate, Conrad Mewse dominated MX2 at the sandy Norfolk circuit, taking a 1-2 respectively in each moto.

Stephen Clarke looked like he may give Mewse a run for his money in the first moto.

Clarkey qualified strong with second gate pick and got out of the gate in the first moto in similar fashion only to have his Apico Husqvarna machine let him down very early in the race – he was left to push his bike back to the pits. The Husky pilot can’t catch a break!

Moto two confirmed the promise of the first moto, taking third behind the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna pairing of Anstie and Mewse.

James Dunn didn’t go well in Quali with a 14th. But the Hitachi Revo Husqvarna rider was awesome in the motos with a 4-7 for third overall.

It wasn’t such a good day for Ben Watson who failed to finish moto one but came fighting back in the second race for a fourth place finish. He ended the day with 9th overall. It’s a dent for the championship hopeful but it’s only the first round and I’m sure he come back swinging at the next round.

Neville Bradshaw had a puncture in race one and Martin Barr suffered the same fate in moto two.


Apico Husqvarna’s Alexander Brown was mightily impressive, taking complete control of the MXY2 motos with a 1-1 victory.

Canada Heights

So the young Husqvarna pilot along with one more

husky rider and the Green machine of Searle take the red plates to Canada Heights on April 24, for round two of the seven round series. Can Tommy Searle continue where he left off? Simpson won’t let Searle’s win get to him but I’m sure he won’t be happy his perfect win record has ended.

I can’t wait for the next round. See you there.

Results for round one Cadders Hill, Lyng – 2016 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship

MX1 moto one

  1. Tommy Searle
  2. Shaun Simpson
  3. Tanel Leok
  4. Graeme Irwin
  5. Kristian Whatley
  6. Gert Krestinov
  7. Elliot Banks-Browne
  8. Jake Nicholls
  9. Brad Anderson
  10. Steven Lenoir

MX1 moto two

  1. Tommy Searle
  2. Shaun Simpson
  3. Jake Nicholls
  4. Tanel Leok
  5. Kristian Whatley
  6. Graeme Irwin
  7. Steven Lenoir
  8. Brad Anderson
  9. Elliot Banks-Browne
  10. Gert Krestinov

MX1 overall

  1. Tommy Searle
  2. Shaun Simpson
  3. Tanel Leok
  4. Jake Nicholls
  5. Graeme Irwin
  6. Kristian Whatley
  7. Elliott Banks-Browne
  8. Gert Krestinov
  9. Steven Lenoir
  10. Brad Anderson

MX2 moto one

  1. Max Anstie
  2. Conrad Mewse
  3. Martin Barr
  4. James Dunn
  5. James Cottrell
  6. Jake Milward
  7. Brad Todd
  8. Matt Bayliss
  9. Lewis Tombs
  10. Josh Gilbert

MX2 moto two

  1. Max Anstie
  2. Conrad Mewse
  3. Stephen Clarke
  4. Ben Watson
  5. Lewis Tombs
  6. Brad Todd
  7. James Dunn
  8. Lewis Trickett
  9. Neville Bradshaw
  10. Liam Knight

MX2 overall

  1. Max Anstie
  2. Conrad Mewse
  3. James Dunn
  4. Brad Todd
  5. Martin Barr
  6. Lewis Tombs
  7. Matt Bayliss
  8. Steven Clarke
  9. Ben Watson
  10. Neville Bradshaw

MXY2 moto one

  1. Alexander Brown
  2. James Carpenter
  3. Callum Green
  4. George Grigg-Pettitt
  5. Dylan Woodcock
  6. Aaron Gordon
  7. Dexter Douglas
  8. Jake Edey
  9. Charlie Cole
  10. Henry Williams

MXY2 moto two

  1. Alexander Brown
  2. Henry Williams
  3. James Carpenter
  4. George Grigg-Pettitt
  5. Brett Pocock
  6. Aaron Gordon
  7. Michael Ellis
  8. Dexter Douglas
  9. Charlie Cole
  10. Callum Green

MXY2 overall

  1. Alexander Brown
  2. James Carpenter
  3. George Grigg-Pettitt
  4. Henry Williams
  5. Callum Green
  6. Aaron Gordon
  7. Dexter Douglas
  8. Dylan Woodcock
  9. Charlie Cole
  10. Jake Edey