Team Gabriel Motocross KTM, have been popular championship contender in the Revo ACU British Motocross championship over the last two seasons, continuing on with MX1 and MX2 team riders Liam Knight and John Adamson.

DBR chatting exclusively to Liam Knight to discuss how his prep is going for the 2021 season.

DBR: Have you found your pre-season testing a struggle with restrictions?


“My pre-season training has gone really well, thanks to Simon and the team Gabriel Motocross KTM I got to spend about two and a half months in Spain training. So I’ve been able to get a lot of bike time in and get comfortable on the bike again after missing the end of last season.”

DBR: Extending your contract with Gabriel must of been great after injury last year?

“Im happy and really enjoy being on the team, Simon makes sure we have everything we need to be able to go and get good results. So it works perfectly as he is just as motivated to improve as we are.”

DBR: What training have you been doing to get back to fitness?

“Luckily we made it out to Spain before the lockdown here and we were able to travel out there and we stayed for as long as we could. So that meant I got to ride a lot, and since I’ve been back restrictions have lifted and I’ve been able to train with my PT Ryan at RYVAL fitness along with riding so I’ve not been affected at all really.”

DBR: What about goals for this season?

“The plan for the year is to get good starts and ride the way I know how. I think then the rest will fall into place and the results will be what I expect of myself.”