SS24’s Shaun Simpson is raring to go at round two of the Revo ACU British Motocross championship tomorrow at the Cadders Hill circuit in Lyng.

We caught up with Shaun at the pre race press conference to check in with how he’s feeling before tomorrow’s racing, and what its been like running his own team heading into the 2021 race season.

“I enjoy coming to Lyng, its a track I always look forward to,” Said Shaun. “As soon as you drive in here it always looks organised the tracks always very well prepared. I mentioned earlier to a few people that one of the negative points for me was always the concrete start.”


“It was kind of a little bit hit or miss its not something we’re really used to so a lot of people were burning their tires up on the start and searching for good starts which is very important at this track so I’m really excited to see the grids on the start this weekend it gives everyone, you know, an even advantage.”

“I feel like I can get a good start, so with a couple of wildcard riders in this weekend, which will be cool. Hopefully mix it up a little bit, try and get a couple of them in between me and the other guys because I’ve got a few points to make up for the first round, but overall, I’m excited to get going, the suns nearly popped out now so hopefully we’ll be in for a good day’s racing tomorrow.”

Explaining about what its been like carrying on the team into 2021, Shaun said “I think, you know, the moment I chose to run my own team I think that sort of just focusing on my riding and turning up at the race and just being that superstar rider just went straight out the window because you know I’m just basically doing everything from, team manager type role to doing all the riding and training, sort of organising things on a laptop for a couple of hours a day, you know, speaking to people organising things and GP rooms as well.”

“So, even down to working on my bike, it’s just mainly me and my dad with the help of a mechanic who’s, you know, helped them out at weekends and during the week a little bit, but mainly I like to get hands on with a bit myself. Yeah, I think the actual training side of things is probably less than I used to do, but the ultimate goal for me and running my own team was to actually feel 100% comfortable.”

PC – Mad Max Media