Bike It MTX Kawasaki’s Taylor Hammal took second overall away from the weekend’s MXGB round at Lyng, despite some small errors in the MX2 races.

Finishing up with a three – two scorecard at round two of the championship, Hammal spoke exclusively to DBR post-race about his day:

“All in all wasn’t my best of days but I managed it well,” he said. “If that’s a bad day then I’m happy to still get on the podium for second overall. Qualifying was a good position in third, but in the first race I didn’t ride like myself at all I felt very flat and no aggression but managed to still finish third.


“So to be disappointed with that is good in a way. In the second race I rode a lot better but was too eager to pass on a track that was difficult to pass on. Got up on the back of second place and dropped it. Then another crash ended up fifth, but was much happier as I was putting in some good times.

“For a day that was up and down to come away with a second overall was really good so I was pleased with the results. Need to start closing that gap out on track to first, I just need to get out the gate and try give it my all to hang in there with Conrad. But for not being on a race bike yet it’s not a bad way to start the first two rounds. Big thanks to all the team and sponsors that are involved.”

Image: Chewy Media