Former grand prix rider Evgeny Bobryshev claimed two MX1 wins at the opening round of Revo MXGB action at Culham over the weekend and now leads the series.

Speaking to DBR after his confident weekend in Cuham, the Russian PAR Husqvarna rider explained how he felt during the day.

“It’s been a long time since I have lead from the beginning till the end, and in both moto’s so I feel good,” explained Bobryshev.


“Just in the first moto, I had arm pump so I was thinking, ‘Ah! This is the end!’ From the fourth lap I couldn’t handle it so I tried to find a smoother line because the track was full of choppy bumps and yeah it was easy to make a mistake.

“Going into the second race, I knew I wouldn’t have any arm pump because normally I get them in the first moto mostly, and in the second race it’s fine but then I was just thinking about the start, because it’s really important.

“I’m not good at the starts you know but but like today I was just always in the front like second and then I try to go as quick as possible, just to make my lines and create lines it’s easy without any roost you stay clean.

“I just also want to say thanks to the team I like the bike it was really set up to me and I felt really comfortable with suspension gave me the power wise and yeah it was good atmosphere you know I haven’t been here for a long time.”