We caught up with the SS24 team owner and rider, Shaun Simpson ahead of the first round of the Revo MXGB Championship in Culham this weekend.

After not racing for months in MXGP or in the UK due to the pandemic, Shaun tells DBR exclusively how he had been preparing for the season ahead.

“I’m just excited to get racing, I’m old school, I’ve built a team up around myself for myself to go race and and that’s all I really want to do at this point,” said Simpson.


“I still do feel it’s a massive task for RHL Activities to run this event with the restrictions that are still in place. In fact, I’m very surprised that we are getting back to racing, you know if it was in a month’s time, things might be a lot easier.

“I’ve got to take my hat off to Gareth and the whole RHL squad, along with ACU and everyone else involved for actually trying to make this thing happen. We need to remember that it’s a sport that we love and it’s what we want to get back to doing so, we need to play ball as much as we can and it’s not going to be gone back to normal anytime soon.

“Of course there’s going to be changes of course there’s going to be things that we’re gonna have to do differently but I think even someone like myself who has been at it for, for nearly 20 years you know, I’m willing to change and move with the times and if that means taking protocols and doing COVID stuff and restricted passes or different things for the first round, then so be it.

“The end goal this weekend is to have two good results, put on a really good show for for anyone that’s watching online, which I think is a great thing that they’re doing for this year, and then come back and regroup and then when the fans are there, you know, we’re going to be doing our job, like we normally do and showing people.

“You know what’s happening but we need to get a championship running, I think for everyone’s state of mind we need to get a race done. We need to get the championship underway, and I’m just excited for this weekend I really am I just want to get behind the gate. I haven’t raced in over six months. I’m all ready to go bikes are dialled in just got a few little things to do at home over the next couple of days and then we’ll be travelling down to Culham with plan to add fuel on the fire.”

PC – Rossbell photo