Round one of the Revo MXGB Championship took place at the Oxfordshire circuit of Culham this weekend but Hitachi KTM rider Bas Vaessen’s day didn’t go to plan.

Suffering a huge off in the first MX2 moto, Vaessen was transported to hospital and his team have issued an update on his injuries:

“For now he is in the adult intensive care unit in Oxford, They are taking very good care of him. He has broken his T8 to T11 vertebrae for now this is not the issue and it does not need surgery,” explained his partner Bente.


“Unfortunately he hit his neck again, no new fractures but a lot of swelling. For now it is uncertain what the outcome will be in the future. We wanna thank you for all the sweet messages you’re sending.

“I am going to read the messages to him but he cannot answer them right now because he can’t move properly. We will stay positive and keep you updated.”