LONG, tall Dutchman Mike Kras clinched the inaugural Maxxis ACU British Two-stoke Championship on Sunday on his GL12 Racing KTM but revealed afterwards that he’s not a big fan of Foxhill.

“This morning I really liked the track when it was graded but in the first race I already knew it was going to be a hard day,” he said. “I gave everything to pass Neville [Bradshaw] but for the second it was a case of cruise control.

“I wasn’t on my game and I didn’t like the ruts with the stones in them so I just took it easy – I knew seventh was enough and I finished fifth so I got the job done but I didn’t ride like I know I can.


“I’m happy it’s over because I like tracks like Hawkstone and Blaxhall but this is not my kind of track.”

After double wins at the opening two rounds at Canada Heights and Hawkstone Park it looked as though Mike was going to run away with the championship but a bad third round allowed Bradshaw to close the gap.

“It’s been a very close championship. At Blaxhall I had a terrible weekend and it cost me a lot of points but that’s racing and I knew I just had to keep it on two wheels today – especially at the start I had to be careful not to crash.”

A full-time welder, Mike had to race home to start work at 6am the following day – but the good news for his fans is he plans to be back for more in 2018.