A lesser website might claim that all roads lead to FatCat Motoparc this weekend for the opening round of the Maxxis British MX 2013 Championship but that’d be a total lie…

But all pedantry aside the message is more or less right – the Maxxis kicks off at FatCat this weekend! Woop woop!

The 2013 championship is looking like it’s gonna be a corker as one of the best international line ups in recent history is set to battle it out in MX1 while there’s a real veterans versus young guns feel to the MX2 division. As well as that there’s the MXY2 class to consider n’all so you know you’re gonna gets your moneys worth provided you remember to jump in your car and head to Doncaster for round one.


What makes the opener even specialer, sorry, more special, is the fact that Tommy Searle and Mel Pocock have signed up as wild cards for round one – both are capable of winning but will they? Searle’s no stranger to FatCat as he trains there often but with Brad Anderson, Tanel Leok, Steve Ramon, Nico Aubin, Jon Barragan, Bert Krestinov, Jason Dougan and Kristian Whatley all in the mix is he really gonna? Most likely yes but we’ll see on the day.

The MX2 entry is headed by defending champ Elliott Banks-Browne who’ll be running the #1 plate like a good old boy. The 250F division is stacked too and although there’s only one GP winner in the mix – veteran Stephen Sword – as opposed to the six entered in the MX1 class the racing should still be super competitive.

Pocock’s definitely gonna be right up there as will Graeme Irwin, Martin Barr, Neville Bradshaw, Steven Lenoir and the Watson brothers. And before you start I’ve purposefully left Bryan MacKenzie’s name out of that list to further motivate him – I mean, he’s definitely one of DBR’s top five favourite columnists so we want him to do well, right?

Maxxis MX1 Riders

No. Name Team Make
3 Tony Craig MOM Carnegie Fuels Honda
4 Gary Gibson   Suzuki
5 Josh Waterman IDS Tillit KTM
7 Jonathan Barragan Team STR KTM KTM
8 Luke Hawkins Phoenix Tools Honda Racing Honda
9 Stuart Edmonds   Suzuki
16 Carlton Husband (reserve) JLP Bikesport Newcastle KTM
17 Alfie Smith Ifly Lanes Kawasaki Kawasaki
20 Aston Bird   Kawasaki
22 George Baldwin (reserve)   Yamaha
25 Jamie Law Dyer & Butler Racing KTM
31 Alex Snow Oakleaf Kawasaki Kawasaki
33 Wayne Garrett JAR Honda by IFS Honda
35 John May St Blazey MX Honda
36 Matthew Moffat   KTM
37 Gert Krestinov Apico ANSA Racing Kawasaki Kawasaki
38 Daniel Hutchinson JLP Bikesport Newcastle KTM
40 Tanel Leok Route 77 Energy Honda Honda
42 Nathan Parker Revo Talon Kawasaki Kawasaki
60 Brad Anderson Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE Kawasaki
68 Shane Carless Oakleaf Kawasaki Kawasaki
70 Dorren Coutts Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE Kawasaki
80 Connor Walkley Maxxis Kawasaki by LPE Kawasaki
85 Jason Dougan Route 77 Energy Honda Honda
91 Matiss Karro Team STR KTM KTM
100 David Goosen Motone Kawasaki
113 Michael Mahon VMX Moto KTM
120 Ross Keyworth (reserve) Revo Talon Kawasaki Kawasaki
127 Oliver Sandiford Smith (reserve) MJW Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki
129 Ross Hill Danger UK Suzuki
131 Nicolas Aubin Buildbase Honda Racing Honda
140 Luke Burton Heads & All Threads Suzuki U… Suzuki
160 Scott Elderfield CMP Racewear Kawasaki
227 Kristian Whatley   Yamaha
232 James Lassu (reserve) MJW Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki
271 Tom Kelly Malin KTM Racing KTM
292 James Dodd St Blazey MX Honda
295 Ross Rutherford Pendrich Kawasaki Kawasaki
411 Steve Ramon Buildbase Honda Racing Honda
438 Jackson Evans (reserve) Phoenix Tools Honda Racing Honda
550 Sean Mitchell   KTM
700 Sam Simmons   Yamaha
704 Ashley Wilde Sandbach Scrap Metal Kawasaki
731 Jake Shipton Phoenix Tools Honda Racing Honda
911 Peter Mitchell (reserve) Drumclog Moto Parc Kawasaki


Maxxis MX2 Riders

No. Name Team Make
1 Elliott Banks Browne HM Plant KTM UK KTM
4 Liam Garland Dyer & Butler Racing KTM
5 Graeme Irwin Heads & All Threads Suzuki U… Suzuki
7 Stephen Sword Dave Thorpe Honda Off Road C… Honda
10 Sam Winterburn D3 Racing KTM KTM
11 Matt Burrows SBW Honda Honda
12 Bradley Wheeler (reserve) GL12 Racing  
19 Ryan Houghton Monster Energy Yamaha Yamaha
20 James Dunn HM Plant KTM UK KTM
23 Edward Allingham    
24 Luke Remmer MJW Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki
27 Lewis Gregory   Suzuki
32 Luke Newman International Plywood Kawasaki
50 Martin Barr VMX Moto  
51 Alan Keet Winchester Off Road Honda Honda
63 Jordan Divall VG Builders Ltd Honda
66 Lewis Tombs JAR Honda by IFS Honda
73 Luke Norris OctX MNE Kawasaki Kawasaki
77 Arminas Jasikonis Route 77 Energy Honda Honda
92 John Robson (reserve) JLP Bikesport Newcastle KTM
95 Dan Thornhill Revo Talon Kawasaki Kawasaki
100 James Rutter CMP Racewear Honda
110 Adam Darbyshire Underdog Honda Honda
114 Jordan Booker    
121 Bryan MacKenzie Pendrich Kawasaki Kawasaki
141 Damon Strydom Revo Talon Kawasaki Kawasaki
148 Michael Eccles RB Racing KTM KTM
151 Matthew Bayliss Why Not Compare Honda
153 James Harrison Ifly Lanes Kawasaki Kawasaki
176 Aaron Pipon (reserve) Martin Racing KTM
210 John Phillips (reserve) Dirtbike Gym Eastwood Honda Honda
214 Lewis Trickett Ifly Lanes Kawasaki Kawasaki
222 George Purchase (reserve) DK Off Road Kawasaki
231 Anthony Raynard (reserve) AMR Honda Honda
272 Neville Bradshaw Putoline Honda Honda
277 Ray Rowson Hawk Racing KTM KTM
303 Jake Millward Oakleaf Kawasaki Kawasaki
313 Murray Clunie (reserve) Ukes Ltd KTM
447 Simon Booth Acerbis Suzuki
600 Jamie Skuse   Suzuki
685 Steven Lenoir Evotech Stevens KTM KTM
711 James Cottrell Putoline Honda Honda
811 Adam Sterry Team STR KTM KTM
919 Ben Watson HM Plant KTM UK KTM
991 Nathan Watson HM Plant KTM UK KTM