As we reported over the weekend, Jake Nicholls has switched from Hitachi KTM to Buildbase Honda. With the 27-year-old being unveiled by the team at the Dirt Bike Show. Now the popular Brit has revealed his reasons for going red.

It’s the first time Nicholls has inked a deal with a Honda team since turning pro. And it sounds like it’s something he’s been eager to do for some time.

“I decided this year I wanted to get away from grands prix,” said Jake. “Obviously, I wanted to get set up with the best team and get the best deal and have the best chance of winning and Dave (Thorpe) is unrivalled in that department.


“For years I’ve wanted to ride for Dave but he’s always been a national team and I’ve always had my mind set on GPs. When I made the decision to step back from GPs it was a case of getting something sorted as soon as possible and he was as keen if not keener for it.”

Jake led this year’s Maxxis series after two rounds before an injury sustained at the Italian GP sidelined him for most of the season and persuaded him to retire from world championship racing.

“I’m really optimistic about next year. I just want to get back to enjoying my racing so, yeah, I’m excited. Dave’s focus is on the UK and he’s geared up for exactly that – I’ve only been with the team for two days and already I’ve got two bikes, I’ve got parts, I’ve even got goggles and tear-offs.”

Equally stoked for 2018 is Dave Thorpe. “I’m very excited,” said the three-time world 500cc champion. “We’ve won the Maxxis this year and we want to continue to win it and Jake is one of the few people out there who is capable so we were really pleased to be able to sign him.”