RHL Activities boss Gareth Hockey has spoken to dirtbikerider.com in more detail about his plans to promote next season’s ACU British Motocross Championship.

Gareth, a veteran event promoter who’s organised a number of British GPs and national series along with the annual Weston Beach Race, is aiming to shake up the format and – following its cancellation this season – return with a radical new-look championship in 2021.

The MX1, MX2, MXY2 and Youth classes will run over a series of one and two-day events with all the action live-streamed.


“We’re looking at 10 to 11 rounds in total and two or three of those will be stand-alone British Youth Nationals over two days incorporating the ladies’ British championship,” said Gareth. “However, we are still in the planning stages and will be releasing further information soon. We spoke to most of the key clubs last week and it’s super-positive.

“We’re making some tweaks and changes – we want to push the combination of the youth and the adult – and next year will be very much a learning year.”

The hope is that the two-day events could develop into festival-style weekends involving local schools and youth projects and feature family-friendly attractions including bike try-outs to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

As well as changing the format, Gareth’s also taking a fresh approach to working with the organising clubs.

“What the clubs are finding quite interesting – and this is how we want to develop it – is we’ve asked them for input and ideas. We’re all pretty much on the same hymn sheet so now we’re going to start working with the teams to get their feedback. We all want it to work – we just need to shake things up to develop our sport.

“I think the teams are investing quite heavily so the paddock will look good next year and the clubs are feeling positive. With all of us there’s a passion and it feels positive from every side at the moment.”

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation continuing to cast a shadow over the 2021 season, Gareth’s giving clubs a guarantee that should enable the series to run smoothly.

“We’re agreeing a COVID plan with the clubs so if, say, Canada Heights couldn’t run [with spectators] we could take over, hire the venue and run the meeting with no spectators. That’s the back-up plan if we get to April and COVID is still an issue.

“It will come down to Government legislation but we’ve had a steer that we would be able to operate those events legally.”