REVO Husqvarna’s Dylan Woodcock had a very short race weekend in the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship on Sunday after crashing out of Duns on the first lap of Qualifying, fracturing his thumb and leaving the young rider unable to race.

The injured appendage will now keep the Husky 250 rider out of this coming weekend’s EMX250 series at Lommel in Belgium and the next round of the British championship at Hawkstone Park on August 12.

“I was on my first qualifying lap and the wind blew me off my line over the big triple and I slid off in the corner and bent my thumb right back,” Woodcock explained. “I thought it was all right so I did another three laps, pulled in and went back to the van and my thumb was swollen up like a balloon.


“I wanted to race but was told it wouldn’t be safe so I went to the hospital for an x-ray and I’ve split the main bone in my thumb. I’ll have an operation on Wednesday and should be back on a bike in three to four weeks.”