Multiple British and World Championship race winner Billy Mackenzie competed in round one of the Bridgestone British Masters on Sunday, bringing his Honda CR500 to the historical Hawkstone Park circuit.

Lining up against brand new race machines at Hawkstone, Mackenzie had the challenge on his hands of pushing the CR500 to its limits and also pushing himself.

“It was a last minute decision, I literally woke up Saturday morning and made the drive south,” said Mackenzie. “The bike was fresh off the Evo MX track the weekend before.


“I knew it would be different and tough, especially around Hawkstone. I came at it with a very chilled attitude, just happy to be doing the laps on an historic track, and the track I tried to race the CR500 back in 2008.

“So just being out there and finishing two 25 minute races was a good effort for me. I had some terrible starts both races, I couldn’t stop the 500 from lighting up off the concrete.

“It’s been a long time since I raced so the whole day was just fun and challenging and it helped having such a well run event and perfect weather.”