In support of a decision made by the FIM Board of Directors relating to the situation in Ukraine, and as the governing body of motorcycle sport in Great Britain, the ACU Ltd Board of Directors has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and as such have imposed the following sanctions with immediate effect.

‘To suspend / withdraw the functions of any individual from the Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MFR) and the Belarusian
Federation of Motorcycle Sport (BFMS) across all disciplines of motorcycle sport in any ACU permitted event or activity and in any capacity, ie. as a competitor, an official, a Team principal or a member of a Team. This sanction also includes any rider / official who currently resides in the UK as a Russian or Belarusian national and is currently in possession of a valid ACU licence’.

The suspension / withdrawal is with immediate effect and in place until otherwise notified. Roy Humphrey, the ACU Ltd Chairman said, ‘We have all seen on a daily basis what has and is currently happening in Ukraine and as such we sympathise with all those suffering as a result of the invasion from Russia.”


“I know this will impact on some, who as Russian nationals have resided in the UK for a period of time and participate in the sport under the auspices of the ACU, and that is a sad circumstance of events. However, we stand in support of the FIM and the FIME’s position on the current circumstances in the Ukraine which was disseminated to the Federations on Saturday.”

“Those affected by this decision will say it is not their fault, to which I sympathise, but neither is it ours and as such we stand by the decision and guidance issued by the World Governing Body’.