Two-stroke is making a big return to the ACU British Motocross Championship it has been revealed today.

With the current championship now at the halfway stage, planning has already started for the 2020 season – in the last few days we’ve already had two announcements for the 2020 season with a change in age limit for the 85cc BW class and the unveiling of a one-round Ladies Motocross Championship.

Now the ACU Motocross Committee has followed that up with what will hopefully be a welcome decision to lift the restriction on 250cc two-strokes competing in the Maxxis MX2 class from 2020 onwards.


For the 2020 season the Machine capacity for the British MX2 class will be:

  • Bikes over 120cc up to 250cc for 2-stroke engines and over 175cc up to 250cc 4-stroke engines

The proposal has been in consideration since the 2018 season with the Motocross Committee keen to monitor the class for the past two seasons.

With the increased costs of machines and the desire to keep the championship affordable for all, the ACU feel 2020 is the correct time to make the change.

At a recent meeting held with the team managers at the Blaxhall event, the proposal was discussed at length and the ACU report that there was no negative feedback from the managers that were present at the time.

“Back in 2017 we introduced for 2018 a new ruling which allowed 250 two-stroke machines to have a choice of competing in either the MX1 or MX2 classes,” said ACU Motocross Chairman and British Championship Race Director Steve McCauley.

“This freedom of choice had never been given to any other capacity of motorcycle. The exception to this was the Maxxis MX2 class which was restricted to the pre-2018 ruling. This was done to allow the MX Committee to monitor this radical change and gain feedback and comment from industry teams and riders.

“Now two years down the line we feel the time is right to allow this to migrate into the main British championship for the reasons as outlined.

“We shall of course monitor this and hopefully it will be successful. If for any reason, there are unforeseen issues we will look at it again and make a balanced judgement.

“We firmly believe that we must try new ideas and progress the sport wherever possible, we also believe that by making and announcing our decisions a long time in advance it gives everyone fair notice to plan accordingly.”

The 2020 two-stroke announcement could shake up the MX2 class and we could see some experienced hands coming back to the class – perhaps we’ll see Brad Anderson switching from the MX1 class – where he recently took a third overall – and regularly contending for podiums and wins on his KTM two-stroke.

The Maxxis MX2Y class machine capacities will remain unchanged.

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