While comfortably in the lead and on his way to a sixth straight moto win to start the season, the unthinkable happens: Eli Tomac crashes and injures himself.

The crash would ultimately hand the win – and the points lead – to Ryan Dungey and leaves Tomac’s status questionable for the next race.


Update: Eli posted the following message to his fans on Instagram…

These types of crashes always leave me scratching my head on how or why it happened. It’s the unexpected ones that get you.

Dislocated my right shoulder. No broken bones. Feeling pretty beat up.

I don’t know the severity of the injury yet because I’ve never had a dislocation issue in my career. Hoping to have a answer by the end of tomorrow [June 01]. I will come back as soon, but also as safely as I can. Just a waiting game on how fast these sore/smashed muscles agree to heal up.