Personal accident insurance specifically designed for motocross, enduro and other extreme gravity sports. This insurance covers you for work, ride or play – 24 hours a day.

Insurance specifically designed with extreme sports in mind – with cover starting from just £2 a week. This insurance unlike many others covers you when you are racing, practising or any other sporting activities you may take part in. We offer accident insurance covering you for loss of income, accidental death and dismemberment and fracture cover. Each policy is bespoke to the individual giving you the cover you need and can start from as little as £2pw.

We all know the dangers of extreme sport and having an accident can have financial implications. Why run the risk when getting covered can cost as little as £2 per week and is simple to get started? Whether you are self-employed or not, the benefits of this insurance policy can help you cover monthly outgoings, for example your mortgage, utility bills and general day to day living expenses. The insurance cover starts from day one, covering you for both accidents and sickness.


Continuous pay outs until you return to work, with no limit to the length of pay out. Therefore supporting you until you are recovered and back to work. There are no premium increases for occupation, smokers, gender or hazardous pursuits. All applicants must be between 18 and 60.

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you are protected.

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