They say a picture paints a thousand words but we ain’t got any so screw you. What we have got though is a bunch of video clips from the Monster Energy Cup so if you wanna see who done what then watch on…

When the Monster Energy Cup was conceptualized there was no way that anyone could’ve predicted that the event’s title sponsor would also sweep every class at the event. But believe it or not that’s exactly what transpired.



The first title to be handed out on the night went to Super Mini winner Adam Cianciarulo on his Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki. Cianciarulo, who is already contracted to the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki team upon his turning pro within the next couple of years, led every lap of both motos in front of 10s of thousands of fans and millions tuning in on television.


“I’m really happy right now!” exclaimed the sharp and charismatic Cianciarulo. “This is so much fun, and I’m just so happy to be here, much less win!”


Next came the Amateur All-Stars event, which pitted the nations top 250 A riders against one another. Moto one was all Zachary Bell, as he dominated the event going away. However, moto two saw Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki’s Justin Hill grab the early lead, and with a clear track, he was unstoppable. It took a while to complete the scoring, but once it was all tallied, Hill came out the overall winner with a 4-1 score over Austin Politelli and Cole Thompson, while Bell’s 1-4 landed him fourth overall.


But then came the Monster Energy Cup itself, where one racer could pull home a cool million dollars if they won all three 10-lap main events. The track, being a hybrid motocross/supercross track, was sometimes tough to pass on, so starts mattered a lot.


And Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto had his starts down.


Villopoto grabbed the holeshot in the first two mains and ran away to seemingly easy victories, and the pressure was on during the final of the three motos for Villopoto to complete the sweep. He got another good start, albeit second this time behind longtime rival Mike Alessi, but he made a pass stick on the first lap and took off to the final victory, taking home a million dollars in the inaugural event.


As well as race action the MEC featured high flying FMX stars too in a winners take all shootout won by Aussie Mark Monea.



Monster Energy Cup

1. Ryan Villopoto, Monster Energy Kawasaki – 1-1-1

2. Ryan Dungey, KTM – 3-2-2

3. Brett Metcalfe, Suzuki – 4-3-3

4. Martin Davalos, Suzuki – 7-7-5

5. Eli Tomac, Honda – 5-4-10

6. Kyle Chisholm, Yamaha – 9-9-7

7. Nick Wey, Kawasaki – 14-11-4

8. Jimmy Albertson, Yamaha – 11-10-8

9. Jake Weimer, Monster Energy Kawasaki – 12-6-11

10. Mike Alessi, Suzuki – 6-21-6



Super Mini

1. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki – 1-1

2. Cooper Webb, KTM – 2-2

3. Blake Green, Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki – 3-3

4. Bradford Young, Kawasaki – 5-4

5. Mark Worth, Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki – 6-6

6. Ashton Hayes, Suzuki – 7-8

7. Justin Hoeft, Yamaha – 12-7

8. Shelby Peterson, Kawasaki – 10-10

9. Chase Marquier, Suzuki – 9-12

10. Andrew Pierce, Honda – 4-18



Amateur All-Stars

1. Justin Hill, Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki – 4-1

2. Austin Politelli, Honda – 3-2

3. Cole Thompson, Monster Energy Honda – 2-3

4. Zachary Bell, Honda – 1-4

5. Jessy Nelson, Honda – 5-7

6. Thomas Covington, Monster Energy/Team Green Kawasaki – 8-5

7. Vann Martin, Honda – 10-8

8. Dillan Epstein, Kawasaki – 14-6

9. Steven Tokarski, Yamaha – 7-13

10. Zack Williams, Honda – 12-9