The guys over at Toofast Media Group have something special coming our way this week. In a first for them – and we believe a first for the UK MX industry – they will be premiering their latest movie live on YouTube this Wednesday at 7pm for us all to watch…for free!

‘Mind Over Matter’ picks up on a story that some readers may be familiar with. Back in 2010 Callum Loveridge was a young up and coming amateur racer, a well-known name in both the youth national and club paddocks.

A freak BMX accident eight years ago left the outgoing and energetic Cal paralysed from the shoulders down, changing both his and his family’s lives forever.


The feature-length documentary from Toofast explores how such a catastrophic injury affects a family and a racer while documenting the Loveridge’s incredible journey back to the race track.

Callum’s unwavering drive to get back racing despite his disabilities is nothing short of remarkable. He is, without doubt, an inspirational figure to racers everywhere. You can watch his full story in the 57-minute documentary produced by Toofast Media in collaboration with SXS Racing this Wednesday night at 7pm GMT.

The film will have its premiere on Toofast Media’s YouTube channel ‘999Lazer’, you can watch live at 7pm as the doc has its first public play, both Callum and the filmmakers will be present in the live chat before, during and after the premiere to answer questions and interact with viewers from around the world.

After the conclusion of the premier ‘Mind Over Matter’ will be available to watch anytime, anywhere, forever on the 999lazer YouTube channel.

Max Hind, the man behind the movie, had this to say about ‘Mind Over Matter’: “Cal’s story is very personal to me as both a filmmaker and a racer. Cal and I are the same age and we actually raced against each other when we were kids.

“I remember the time of his accident well, it really affected me. Learning more about Cal now and finding out how strong-willed he is and how determined he was to get back racing was truly inspirational to me. I just hope we captured that feeling in the film and that we’ve done his story justice.

“Hopefully you can join us on Wednesday night for the first watch!”

We’ll have the movie trailer for you tomorrow but most importantly, don’t miss the premiere – subscribe to ‘999lazer’ and hit the bell icon to be notified just before the film kicks off! Watch the movie live here.

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