Mike Kras of the Beursfoon Rockstar Energy Suzuki has suffered serious injuries in a practice accident in Eersel, the Netherlands yesterday.

An amateur rider crashed right behind a jump and as nobody was standing on top of the jump to give Mike a sign that a rider had fallen, Mike jumped right on top of the rider.

GP pilots, Todd Waters and Max Nagl were riding right behind Mike and unfortunately both riders landed on top of Mike and the amateur rider.


The current leader in the Dutch Open Championship, Kras was transported to hospital were doctors diagnosed a broken neck, vertebra and a punctured lung.

Due to fact that these were all “clean” fractures, there was no need for an operation. Thankfully Mike also has feeling in all his extremities and shows no signs of paralysis.

At this moment it is unclear how long his rehabilitation period will be. The complete Beursfoon Rockstar Energy Suzuki Team and DBR of course would like to wish Mike a speedy recovery.