Micky Dymond is continuing to recover well reports his partner Brenda Lyons. The most dangerous injury to Micky is a Subarachnoid bleed but it’s described as very tiny and stable.

The American motocross legend was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit after suffering serval injuries, including head trauma, after crashing from his TT cycle in California.

Dymond was reportedly three miles into the bike trail with friends Steve Weidler and David Bailey when he lost control and was thrown over the bars impacting on his body and then his head.


Dymond recovery going well

At the start of this week, Brenda was surprised to walk into the Intensive Care Unit and see Micky awake and then hear him call out her name. “One of the most impactful moments in my life,” she noted.

PT is already helping Micky to walk and he is eating and drinking on his own.

There was another big milestone this week with Micky moving out of ICU and into the hospital’s neuro unit. “We are officially in the renewal phase,” wrote Brenda in an update. “He has come so far since waking up yesterday. He’s been piecing things together more and more with each conversation, has cracked some funny jokes, and even asked for a beer!

“We are very well aware of the fact that this is only the beginning and that he has a long way to go. The recovery for his brain is going to take time. The next phase is expected to include rounds of speech, physical and occupational therapy and as you can imagine, Micky is ready to get on with it! And so are we!”

Everyone at Dirt Bike Rider and TMX wish Micky a speedy recovery.

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