The Bercy supercross never fails to deliver and the 2011 edition is definitely no different…

The Bercy SX is three days of awesome indoor action featuring some of the best supercross racers from around the world. And like normal there’s drama aplenty in this year’s three day bash with Kyle Chisolm taking the King of Bercy title with three solid rides to beat out Eli Tomac and Jake Weimer to the title.



But the big story surrounds Saturday night’s battle between Justin Barcia and local hero Gregory Aranda. Aranda gets a bit buck wild coming out of turn one and inadvertently sends Barcia to the deck. The enraged American impedes Aranda’s progress a lap later and it would have all ended in fisticuffs if officials hadn’t got between them. The end result is that Barcia is done for the night, scuppering any chances he has of retaining his King of Bercy title.


To check out all the action watch these three videos – we’ve purposefully uploaded ones with French commentary so you get the full Bercy experience – enjoy!







Friday Main Event!

Saturday Main Event

Sunday Main Event

Results – King of Bercy 

1     Kyle Chisolm   6 points

2     Eli Tomac8

3     Jake Weimer   16

4     Mike Alessi     16

5     Cedric Soubeyras    21

6     Fabien Izoird   23

7     Tommy Searle24

8     Nick Wey24

9     Justin Barcia   29

10   Nico Aubin      29