Both Mel Pocock and Shaun Simpson extended their respective class lead in the championship in dry, hot conditions at Canada Heights in Kent today.

In the MX2 category Pocock returned 1-2-3 race results whilst the main title challenger Matiss Karro found himself on the floor within the first 30 meters of the opening race and had to play catch up and carve through the pack for an eventual eighth place finish. However the Latvian made no mistake in the second and third motos two score two race wins to limit the damage.

At the half way stage of the season Pocock now heads Karro by six points. Neville Bradshaw rode hard and consistent for the lower step of the podium with 3-4-5 moto finishes.


In the MX1 class red plate holder Shaun Simpson was beaten by the speed of Jake Nicholls, but the Scotsman reversed the result in moto two. However, Nicholls crashed on the third bend of the final race and came from last to eighth, again to limit the damage at the half way stage of the season.

In front of a large enthusiastic crowd who witnessed some tight racing during the day, current Champion Kristian Whatley looked like being the only other rider to match the speed of the KTM pairing until Gert Krestinov stayed with Simpson for three quarters of the final moto before being relegated to third by the hard charging Whatley.

Red plate holder coming into the round, Jason Meara had a difficult day in the MXY2 class after qualifying just inside the top ten and only scored 29 points from the two motos. It was Oliver Osmaston who took the top step of the podium by virtue of his better second moto in a tie break from Josh Gilbert who went 1-2 which was enough to give him the red plate with Osmaston and Meara just four points adrift. Mitchell Lewis topok third on the day with 2-4 moto results.

The championship now takes a six week summer break before heading North to Whitby at the end of June to start the second half of the season.