With the unfortunate cancellation of the third round of the Championship earlier in the year which played havoc with the TV scheduling we are pleased to be able to announce that a further five rounds will be re-scheduled to be shown every two weeks starting from August 13 when the Canada Heights round will start the ball rolling.

In total 17 hours of the championship will be shown, mostly during August and September with the final round at Foxhill transmitted on October 8. The Championship TV Partner, Greenlight have been hard at work negotiating this feast which Sky Sports have adopted. Series Manager Brian Higgins explains: “TV scheduling is a very complicated thing and as we are not a mainstream sport it is good that the championship commands some primetime TV.

“With the World Cup and Commonwealth Games taking place right in the middle of the motocross season we were in a difficult position when the weather beat us at the end of April, but now we have a lot of coverage in a short space of time. This has worked for BSB and I am sure it will work for our series.”


A total of five rounds will feature in this bonanza which will be a Sky Sports initiative starting on Wednesday August 13 at 11.30pm. Unfortunately, this round will be shown late at night but repeated 8am the following morning.

The next round will be in a primetime slot at 9pm on August 27. Rather than issue a complex schedule – which may be subject to change – the ACU will update times for each round a few days before they are shown, but be sure to tune in on August 13 for the first of five bi-weekly programmes which will highlight the closest action the championship has seen in recent years!

The next round of the series takes place on August 10 at Cusses Gorse in Wiltshire.