Matiss Karro and Elliott Banks-Browne take three wins apiece – and the series leads – as the Maxxis heats up Milton Park…

The sun makes a rare appearance for round four of the Maxxis British Motocross Championship at Milton Park. Much improved since last year and much better prepared n’all the Northamptonshire circuit holds up well to five championship motos – two regular 25 minute plus two lap ones for each class and then a 30 minute mixed capacity ‘super race’ at the end of the day.



Despite suffering from a cold Matiss Karro kicks ass in MX1 taking all three race wins on the STR KTM. Karro’s good form coincides with an off-day for series leader Kevin Strijbos who has problems with sticking brakes and dodgy throttles to run 9-3-dnf on the day which allows both Karro and Shaun Simpson to take an advantage in the championship chase. Karro now leads the charge on 248 points ahead of Woody on 239 and Strijbos on 238.


Elliott Banks-Browne also takes three MX2 class wins although his third ‘win’ only pays sixth place points as it’s in the mixed capacity moto. Still, a dominant day from EBB sees him leapfrog to the lead in the championship as Mel Pocock hits the skids. Penalised a minute for stopping on the track in quali, Pocock’s forced to line up last for each moto and despite his best efforts can only run 3-19-12 which sees him turn a 15 point lead into a 19 point deficit. D’oh!


Desertmartin’s next on June 24…



MX1 Overall

1 Matiss Karro (STR KTM) 75

2 Shaun Simpson (Monster Energy Yamaha) 64

3 Josh Coppins (Fro Sysytems IDS Yamaha) 52

4 Stephen Sword (Tyco Suzuki) 52

5 Kristian Whatley (PAR Honda) 51

6 Gert Krestinov (MVR-D Honda) 40

7 Jamie Law (D3 Racing KTM) 33

8 Kevin Strijbos (HM Plant KTM UK) 32

9 Alex Snow (Lanes Kawasaki) 27

10 Martin Barr (LPE Kawasaki) 27


MX1 Series standings

1 Karro 248, 2 Simpson 239, 3 Strijbos 238, 4 Sword 188, 5 Krestinov 176, 6 Whatley 145, 7 Law 131, 8 de Reuver 130, 9 Martin Barr 125, 10 Snow 119


MX2 Overall

1 Elliott Banks-Browne (HM Plant KTM UK) 65

2 Neville Bradshaw (Evo-Tech Stevens Honda) 46

3 Nicolas Aubin (Buildbase Honda) 44

4 Bryan MacKenzie (Rockstar KTM) 43

5 Steven Lenoir (Emberson Yamaha) 38

6 Graeme Irwin (Emberson Yamaha) 35

7 Ray Rowson (LPE Kawasaki) 32

8 Mel Pocock (Monster Energy Yamaha) 31

9 James Cottrell (DB Racing Honda) 31

10 Stuart Edmonds (TAS Suzuki) 22


MX2 Series Standings

1 Banks-Browne 235, 2 Pocock 216, 3 Bradshaw 183, 4 Lenoir 175, 5 MacKenzie 173, 6 Aubin 151, 7 Irwin 146, 8 Jordan Booker 109, 9 Edmonds 96, 10 Cottrell 90