After some behind the scenes discussion the team decided being based in Scotland it would be good to race one of the championships up in Scotland, opposed to the constant journeys down-south. At the same time we wanted to look at a rookie aboard a 250F thus bringing us into talks with Martin Stuart-Macrae, a 15-year-old based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sean has been in contact with Martin for about a year now and has been watching him progress, build speed, confidence and maturity as a rider. And from this decided Martin would be the perfect rider to fill the spot for the 2014 season.

What did Martin have to say about the move? “I am looking forward to this season’s racing, said the young pilot. “I am so grateful to all the people who have helped me throughout last year. I have learned a lot and and I’am looking forward to the SMXF rounds. It will be a big difference having a team and sponsorship program supporting me, it will push me to train harder and ride harder through 2014.””


The team manager commented: “Martin is a young rider with a lot of potential, and from watching him ride, as well as keeping an eye on his results and lap times they are constantly progressing, with so many positives, as well as a good head on his shoulders. And he put’s some serious time into training – at such a young age, we definitely look forward to the future.”