The UK’s sole Importers for Sherco Motorcycles, Malcolm Rathmell Sport, has been hit with another theft.

MRS has had seven of the new Sherco ISDE model bikes stolen from a truck at Stanstead Airport last Friday, October 27.

A reward is being offered by the firm for any positive information that leads to the recovery of stolen bikes.


The thieves made off with five 1.25s, one 2.5 2T and one 3.0 4T with an estimated total value of over £50,000. The frame numbers are:


Malcolm Rathmell Sport dishearted after yet another theft

It’s another blow for the well-known off-road distribution company. Only last November £30,000 worth of enduro bikes were stolen from a van ahead of an MRS Open Day.

And before that, in August 2016, a lorry from Italy containing Airoh helmets and Gaerne boots destined for MRS was stolen from a service area near Leicester.

“We are really disappointed this has happened again to us in such a short space of time,” said Carly Rathmell.

“This is twice now we’ve had a lorry targeted on route to us via two different freight companies. It is very disheartening to know that once again they have got what they set out to get.

“Last year was at Leicester Forrest East Services and this time, last Friday was on route to us and he was stopped near Stansted on the A120.

“We will offer a reward to anyone that has any successful information on the return or whereabouts of these Sherco bikes.”

If you can offer any information on the latest theft, please call MRS on 01423 772885.