Steve James’ Maxxis Henderson LPE Kawasaki workshops were targeted by thieves in the early hours of Sunday morning while the team was at the British GP at Matterley Basin.

“My workshop is in North Lincolnshire and while I’ve been at the GP people have obviously known I’m away and they’ve pinched nine bikes and about five grand’s worth of spares,” said Steve on Sunday morning. “I’m absolutely gutted. I’m so security conscious – my place is like Fort Knox. There was a van parked in front and they’ve cut the back brake cable, pushed it out the way and smashed through the door. I’m insured but that isn’t the point, it’s the fact that they’ve been in my premises.

“We’ve lost many race bikes including both of Connor Walkley’s championship machines and Bryan MacKenzie’s practice bike plus a load of other suspension parts and numerous spares. These guys knew what they were looking for and were obviously watching the race workshop on Saturday night before they made their move. This sort of thing is all too common these days and I am appealing to all those in the UK motocross community to help us catch these criminals before they target other teams or individuals.”


With an eye witness sighting of a silver long-wheelbase Iveco-style vehicle acting suspiciously in the area around the time of the theft Lincolnshire police are appealing for information.

The list of items stolen includes:

4 x KX250Fs

1 x KX450F

2 x KX250 two-strokes

1 x Honda CRF250

4 x sets of stock KX suspension

10 x sets of standard Kawasaki wheels with new Bridgestone tyres

Many other parts including Renthal handlebars, sets of standard Kawasaki plastics, Maxxis tyres, Motorex oil, stock Kawasaki triple clamps, rear sprockets, DID chains, raptor footpegs, 8 x GMX radiators, CP pistons and Pro Circuit cams were also stolen.

All engines are stamped with a unique number by the team so they can be easily identified. If anyone has any information – however small or trivial it may seem – call Steve James on 07885 637003 or talk to Ross Burridge at Kawasaki Motors UK on 01628 856662.