Last Sunday round three of the Point-S South West Masters Championships took place at Little Silver Moto Parc, Exeter.

In the 24MX Expert Championship there was some close racing between two- and four-stroke machines. In the opener it was Ross Kersey with the holeshot from championship leader Luke Hawkins.

Todd Kellett was sat in fourth but all was to change by the end of the opening lap as Hawkins had taken the lead with Kellett up into second ahead of Joe Clayton with Kersey dropping down to fourth.


Hawkins seemed to be in control for a couple of laps and eased away, but on lap five Kellett started to close in and on lap six tried to pass, but Hawkins used all his experience and kept Kellett at bay but only just as Kellett was literally less than a second behind at the chequered flag with Clayton taking third.

In the second moto drizzly rain was falling and it was Clayton this time with the best start from Kellett and Hawkins.

Kellett and Hawkins were all over Clayton on the opening lap and he was soon relegated to third on lap two as Kellett hit the front followed by Hawkins.

Clayton was soon pressured by Jamie Skuse and Luke Dean who were having a real tussle for several laps.

Meanwhile back at the front Kellett had put a bit of distance between himself and Hawkins and held that margin to take the win.

All eyes were now on to see who was going to take third as Dean was all over Skuse on the last lap desperately looking to find away past. He finally managed to, dropping into a right-hander to take third.

In the last moto this time it was Skuse who emerged at the front from Hawkins and Clayton.

Kellett was back in fifth at the end of the opening lap, but he was soon on the gas as was Hawkins who took the lead from Skuse on lap two.

Skuse soon had Kellett on his tail on lap three and Todd squeezed through on a fast right-hander and was now up into second giving chase.

Kellett caught Hawkins on lap four and then hit the front and went onto take the win.

In the Wulfsport Over 35 Championship there was no stopping Championship leader Wayne Shimell once he hit the front and he has yet to be beaten in this year’s Championship.

Darren Banwell had to settle for second overall with James Kensington taking third.

In the Wulfsport Over 45s leader Leigh Williams had to settle for second overall with two wins, but a bad result in the opening race denied him the overall which went to Wayne Butt with David Ford taking third overall.

The Junior Championship has produced some top quality racing so far this season and it was the case at round three.

In the opening race there was a bit of banging bars in the first corner with many riders coming to a halt, one of them being Louie Kessell who was well down the field as was championship leader Daniel Wade.

But there was no stopping Kieran Yorke who shot away at the front and claimed the win with Harry James taking second ahead of Kessell.

In moto two Louie Kessell took charge within a couple of laps and took the win from Ben Clayton with Yorke taking third.

In the last race it was Rocky Letherby with the early lead from Wade with Kessell tucked in third.

Wade got the better of Letherby as did Kessell with Kessell then taking the lead a lap later and took the chequered flag.

In the Junior B class it was James Chard who dominated the opening race from Kona Jenkins, but there was no stopping Jenkins in the other two races who was to take the overall on the day.

In the Junior C class there was no stopping Ryan Lock who was to notch up a hat-trick of wins.


Expert: 1 Todd Kellett (Yamaha), 2 Luke Hawkins (Honda), 3 Jamie Skuse (450f Tony Maunders Racing Suzuki), 4 Luke Dean (Yamaha), 5 Joe Clayton (Kawasaki), 6 Ross Kersey 2 (Honda)
Over 35: 1 Wayne Shimell (Honda), 2 Darren Banwell (Honda), 3 James Kensington (KTM), 4 Peter Bulley (KTM), 5 Ricky Brown (Honda), 6 Mike Burgess (Kawasaki)
Over 45: Wayne Butt (Honda), 2 Leigh Williams (KTM) Richard Green (Yamaha), 3 David Ford (KTM), 4 Dean Davies (Husqvarna), 5 Robert Topp (Honda), 6 Neil Stephens (Yamaha)
Junior: 1 Louie Kessell (KTM), 2 Kieran Yorke (Honda), 3 Harvey James (KTM) 4 Ben Clayton (Kawasaki), 5 Daniel Wade (Yamaha) Brandon Baker (Kawasaki)
Junior B: 1 Kona Jenkins (Yamaha), 2 James Chard (KTM), 3 Callan Marshall (KTM), 4 Reegan West (KTM), 5 Adam Barfoot (Yamaha), 6 Kai Ford (KTM)
Junior C: 1 Ryan Lock, 2 Dominic Stoneman, 3 Steven Flack, 4 David Abraham, 5 Toby Brook 6 Dalton Webber

Words: Dave Rich

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