A delivery of 36 new KTM junior motocross motorcycles has been stolen from a lorry in Kent on the evening of Friday December 9. Thieves took 35 KTM 50 SXs and one 65 SX. The bikes were still in their individual transportation boxes and still requiring a small amount of assembly from the dealerships they were intended for.

The 50 and 65 SX Sport Minicycles are incredibly popular motorcross machines for junior riders taking their first steps into off-road riding.  The theft has many impacts and not only makes availability of the 50 SX extremely difficult but will more than likely spoil Christmas for many families as the majority of the bikes stolen were pre-ordered via KTM dealers ready to arrive as gifts.

Even though these are off-road bikes, each machine has a unique VIN (vehicle identification number) and engine number that can be used to trace its identity. Police and KTM dealers have these details and, together with KTM UK, will be working with motocross clubs and tracks across the country to make sure these stolen machines are returned.


Shaun Sisterson, Managing Director of KTM UK, said: “This theft has a massive affect on availability of the bikes and will result in a lot of disappointed children this Christmas as we are aware that many of the bikes stolen were earmarked as gifts.

“We’re doing all we can to get additional replacement units in time for Christmas, however these models are in short supply. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused but the theft has been a matter out of KTM’s control.”

Anybody with potential information regarding these bikes can contact KTM UK on 01280 709500.