KTM announced this week a joint venture with another famous manufacturer to develop new models, massively strengthening the Austrian firm’s presence in Spain.

KTM Industries AG will develop its presence in Spain after coming to a joint venture agreement with Black Toro Capital – the owners of Gas Gas Motorcycles – which will see future industrial cooperation with the legendary Spanish motorcycle brand Gas Gas under the lead of KTM Industries AG.

The partners see this as a starting point for a bright future of the international well-known brand Gas Gas. New models will be developed alongside the trial and enduro bikes of Gas Gas. As part of the deal the production of Gas Gas products and TORROT electric vehicles will be continued in Girona/Spain.


It is intended that Gas Gas will be added, alongside KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles and eBikes as a third brand to the strong sales network of the KTM Industries group (PIERER Mobility group). The Deal is subject to antitrust authorities’ approval.

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