At the end of the first MX2 race of the Thai Motocross Grand Prix, four riders were taken to the medical centre for examination.

Three of them, #1 Jordi Tixier, #91 Jeremy Seewer and #243 Tim Gajser, were suffering from heat stroke and dehydration. The three riders were declared unfit by the Chief Medical Officer and the FIM Medical Director and forbidden to take part in the second race in accordance with the FIM Medical Code.

While receiving his treatment Jordi Tixier physically attacked the Chief Medical Officer FIM Medical Director. This is considered unacceptable behaviour and in breach of the FIM Motocross World Championship Regulations.


The Race Direction called for a hearing during which Jordi Tixier admitted the facts.

The decision of the Race Direction was to impose a fine of € 5,000.- as well as a suspension of one month starting from 8 March 2015 on Jordi Tixier, in accordance with the Motocross World Championship Regulations.

No appeal was lodged with the FIM Stewards. The decision of the Race direction is final.