The MCF step up as the new sanctioning body for British SX as the Future West crew kick the ACU to the kerb – oh, and London’s off n’all…

Future West Promotions the owners of the British Supercross Championship would like to announce effective immediately that the British Supercross Championship will now be sanctioned by the MC Federation. Recent legal proceedings have brought to light major problems with the insurance provided by the Auto Cycle Union that Future West were previously provided with which ultimately lead to the change. With the change in sanctioning also unfortunately comes the announcement that the London round of the British Supercross Championship scheduled for Wembley Arena on January 14 will be now be cancelled to allow time for the transition of registered riders to receive refunds and re enter through the MC Federation for the Birmingham event at the LG Arena on February 18.

An incident that transpired in 2008 has exposed some major issues with the insurance coverage promised to Future West by the Auto Cycle Union. Future West have been left to defend themselves against the claim with no help or cover from the Auto Cycle Union. It was clearly pointed out to Future West prior to the incident that all aspects of our Supercross events were covered under the insurance provided by the Auto Cycle Union from open to close of every event. The Auto Cycle Union have accepted no responsibility in defending the claim and have left Future West to defend the claim solo. Future West would urge every club and promoter to consider the position we are currently facing before purchasing event insurance in the future in the hopes that they do not find themselves in the same position.


The British Supercross Championship will now be completed under the sanctioning and insurance of the MC Federation. Roy Barton of the MC Federation was instrumental in the back office during his time with the Auto Cycle Union before moving to MC Federation especially with relation to scheduling and rider organization for our British Supercross Championship. The MC Federation has shown it’s capabilities with the outstanding Red Bull Pro Nationals and it’s various other events and clubs that it sanctions.

“Obviously we are extremely disappointed with the lack of support given to us by the Auto Cycle Union in regards to insurance cover and the obvious effects it has had on our business fighting the claims against us. The cancellation of an event is always hard to accept but in these tough economic times it essential for us to ensure our future. We are happy to work with Matt Bates and the MC Federation as we obviously know Matt’s pedigree with event organisation and sanctioning” says Future West’s John Hellam.  

The attention of Future West and the British Supercross Championship will now turn to the final round of the series at the newly refurbished LG Arena in Birmingham on February 18th. The event is selling extremely well and the racing is surely going to be intense with it being the final round of the series. For tickets to the final round contact The Ticket Factory at the NEC on 0844 338 8000.

For riders looking to register for the final round of the series MC Federation will accept 2011 and 2012 MC Federation licences and will have day licences available for those riders who currently aren’t MC Federation members. To register please contact Clare Tye at the MC Federation office on 01865 343668 or by email at

For those that have already registered with the Auto Cycle Union please contact Sonia Goggin for a refund on 01788 566404.