DBR spoke to Tommy after the qualifying race in Sweden to get his thoughts on his return to racing and the furore surrounding his selection for Britain’s MXoN team

DBR. Tommy, you looked a lot more flowing and confident on track this weekend.

TOMMY SEARLE. Yeah I’m really enjoying it this weekend, just enjoying being back at the races. I got tenth in that on (Saturday qualifying race) and I felt the best I have so far, a lot better than last week and a lot better than I felt practicing.so, making progress and improving, I’m happy as long as I can keep improving like this.


DBR. Looking back to last weekend in Switzerland, you had a 15th and 16th in the races, you looked a little bit rusty but got better as the weekend went on,and speaking to you after you said you were expecting those kind of results. Have you done anything different in the week?

TS. No, just one day riding, did a couple of 30 minute Moto’s riding with Ben (Watson), Conrad (Mewse), and Darian (Saneyei). It was a good days riding but I still don’t feel like myself on a bike. Like I said last week, I’ve been off the bike and haven’t raced for ten months,

I can’t see many people having that much time off and doing any better than I’m doing now. You see Shaun (Simpson), I was racing him then, he was chuffed that he passed me on the last lap, I’m still happy with that race, he’s a good rider and I’m a good rider. When you’ve had that much time off, even to be battling for the top ten, I’m happy with that.

In two rounds time maybe I won’t be happy with that but for now I’m happy.

DBR. I see you still have strapping on your hand, is there any pain?

TS. In the race I don’t have pain, after the race there’s an ache. I’m still not confident with it, I’m not scrubbing the jumps and I’m a bit hesitant in some sections but I think that’s more mental and I just need to keep riding and almost prove to myself that it’s OK. Sometimes when you ride you get injuries, and when you ride so much I just worry that it’s not fully healed but it is, and just racing and riding will build my confidence up.

DBR. The MXoN team was announced this week with you on a 250, and I’ve never seen a reaction like it. Facebook, social media and the internet has been incredible, with some people really positive and some haters going mad. Have you read any of that stuff and does it get you down or give you extra motivation to prove the haters wrong?

TS. I don’t need motivating, I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone. I’ve done what I’ve done in my career. I’ve won a lot of 250 GPs, I’ve always done well for team Great Britain and that’s why I’ve been chosen. I may not have had a good season with being sat out but anyone who knows anything about motocross shouldn’t really argue with the team. I think it’s quite sad how people have reacted on the internet; everyone has their favourite rider, Brad (Anderson) is a great rider, I can’t take anything away from his career and he’s going brilliant , you’ve got Ben who’s up-and-coming, Conrad who’s up-and-coming, I can’t take anything away from any of them, but at the same time I’m happy to be chosen, I won’t go out to prove anyone wrong I go out to do the best I can for Great Britain and for myself.

DBR. What a great quote to end on, good luck Tommy.