Todd Kellett is certainly the man of the moment. Starting the season with help from St Blazey Husqvarna, Todd has been plugging away in the EMX250 and Maxxis British Motocross Championship, steadily improving and turning heads with some impressive rides.

Hitachi KTM UK have been impressed enough to offer Todd support for the remainder of the season and he repaid their faith by winning his first British championship round on his team debut last weekend at Blaxhall.

After the dust had settled we spoke to Todd about the team change, dream start and plans for future.


Dirt Bike Rider: Todd, how did the move to Hitachi KTM UK come about?

Todd Kellett: We’ve been doing the European championships this year, I don’t know if it’s the “Brits abroad” thing but we just got chatting and everyone was really friendly so there was a nice atmosphere. It just came up that it would be nice for me to try out, and it just went from there. When we got home from Portugal I tested the bike and here we are.

DBR: I guess with the Husqvarna and KTM being very similar it’s been easy to change but has there been any adjustment needed by you?

TK: The bikes are very similar but I did feel a difference. The KTM felt good right away and I had a good feeling. We used my suspension just because it was easier until we have time to test more.

DBR: Did you have much time to prepare before the British championship at Blaxhall?

TK: Yeah, I had two days at FatCat which was perfect for me. I knew Blaxhall would be rough and sandy, so we had two days and then got on with it *laughs*.

DBR: Then you had the dream debut. You had 4-1 results and won the overall so that was a really special day for you, winning your first British championship race and your first overall win.

TK: Yeah, it was really good. The first race wasn’t perfect, I got a poor start and was about 15th. I just got my head down and I was with Martin Barr and Ben [Watson]. We kind of pushed through together and were passing each other so that towed me along. With about five minutes to go I managed to pass Martin and Ben for fourth, it took a lot of energy and was a really good battle.

In the second race I got a better start, in about fifth but I looked at the guys in front and just thought I’m faster than these guys. I didn’t really think about who was behind, I just got into the lead and tried to ride my own race. I didn’t look behind or see where anyone else was, Ben was close on the last lap but I just tried to treat it like practising and enjoy it and luckily it paid off.

DBR: And everyone wants to beat their team-mates!

TK: Yeah with three of us, Ben [Watson], Josiah [Natzke] and me. The first day on the job, it was good *laughing*.

DBR: How did it feel being under the big awning and part of the GP set-up?

TK: It’s very impressive. It was good to see all the fans coming to look at the set-up and admiring the bikes, it was a busy event. I didn’t let the pressure get to me, I tried to keep myself to myself and hopefully it paid off.

DBR: I’ve been looking on social media and websites and the reaction to your win has been amazing. It must feel good to have such a positive reaction, and not just from your existing fans but you seem to be picking up a lot of new fans too.

TK: There has been a bit of an explosion on social media. Hopefully, I’m a likeable guy and people want me to do well but it’s been incredible to see so many nice comments. I certainly never expected it, I just wanted to keep on doing what I’m doing, so I’m over the moon with the support.

DBR: Talking about what you’re doing, what are your personal goals for the British and European championships with two rounds left in each?

TK: In the British, I’m in a solid position [third place] so I’d like to keep that and enjoy the last two rounds. In the EMX250 I’m not in such a good spot in the championship. I had a bad race in Italy and Portugal and didn’t go to Russia so really the championship will be what it will be, but I’d like to get back at the sharp end and mix it up in the last couple of rounds.

DBR: Is the deal with Hitachi KTM UK for 2018?

TK: No, it’s just for the last couple of rounds this year. I haven’t signed anything for next year but I’d definitely like to get something sorted out. Hopefully the right deal will come along and we can start preparing for next season.