Earlier today we exclusively broke the news that Tony Cairoli had injured himself while he prepared for the Italian International series which starts this Sunday, January 31 in Sardinia.

Although we were confident in our earlier report, like most of you we had hoped to be proven wrong and that in fact TC222 was fine. Sadly that’s not the case.

The eight-time world motocross champion has now confirmed to his fans via Facebook that he has broken two ribs from a crash last week in Sardinia as he prepared for the start of the season.


After consultation with his Belgium doctor, Cairoli has taken the advice to rest up and not race the first two rounds of the Italian International series.

This is clearly a blow for the popular Italian who was eager to make a good start to the 2016 MXGP campaign after losing his title to Frenchman Romain Febvre.

Everyone at Dirt Bike Rider hopes our famous magazine columnist makes a full and speedy recovery.

Statement from Tony Cairoli via Facebook translate:

Hi guys, last week while I was in sardinia for the preparation of the new season I fell bringing the fracture of two ribs, after consultation with my orthopedist salteró we decided that the first two races of the international d Italy in alghero and lamezia terme to find To recover as soon as possible and be in shape for the first stage of the motocross world! Sorry guys, last week I had a crash in Sardegna where I was to do the preparations for the new season.. Today I found out I broke 2ribs, my Belgium Doctor advise me to rest and don’t race the First two round of the italian championship! Keep you updated