Husqvarna Motorcycles have pioneered since 1903 and they certainly have not rested on their return to the sport, working tirelessly to develop a sophisticated line-up of high-tech motocross models.

The brand is now teasing us with the next generation of Huskys, which will be unveiled to the world’s off-road media in early August.

In a first look of what is to come from Husqvarna’s totally new, next generation line-up of motocross machines, they tell us that engineers, in cooperation with its motorsport department, have completely redesigned the chassis from the ground up.


In the engine department the FC 450, FC 350, FC 250 and TC125 see performance boosting developments and improvements.

A compact, sleek design ensures Husqvarna 2016 motocross models have distinctive and futuristic bodywork and graphics, with a Swedish inspired pearl blue and electric yellow colour scheme.

The brand new Husqvarna Motorcycles range sets new standards in handling, agility, power, weight, technology and aesthetics.

Husqvarna are building on over a century of motorsport heritage and Swedish inspired design, the new motocross models will mark a ground breaking milestone in the arrival of premium motocross bikes.

From August 3 – 8 the world’s off-road media will descend upon the US motocross track of Budds Creek for the official 2016 Husqvarna model introduction and Team DBR will be there to ride, photograph, video and scrutinise the 2016 motocross range at this iconic track.

Husqvarna say they have left no stone unturned in achieving strong, light and controllable motocross bikes and we don’t have long to wait now. Watch out for more details from Team DBR on August 4.