Yesterday we shared some details of the new 2015 model range from the famous Husqvarna Motorcycles brand. Now we can finally show the full details, and there are lots and lots of detail. Oh, and we’ve got you a bunch of photographs to go with all the fine detail…

From being the newcomers in 2013, to consistently featuring at the top of race results and on magazine covers around the world, the spotlight is most certainly on Husqvarna to deliver class-leading performance and technology.

Last year a completely new generation of Motocross bikes was launched to an enthusiastic world audience. Now for MY15, significant updates further develop the premium characteristics of the highly technological Husqvarna Motocross range.


From the lightweight and agile handling of the 2-strokes to the explosive power and all-round ability of the 4-strokes, every rider is sure to find a match in the MY15 Husqvarna Motocross range.

• New 4CS fork specifically designed for Motocross with improved damping
• New 22mm front axle reduces unsprung weight and increases feeling
• New linkage geometry with optimized rising rate and weight reduction
• New shock with 4mm more stroke and new setting
• Rear subframe reinforcement on airbox side for improved sealing of airbox
• New fork protectors are easier to replace and maintain
• Improved handguards for better impact resistance
• New Neken handlebar and bar pad
• New seat cover with better grip and durability
• New Dunlop MX52 tyres
• New graphics differentiated from Enduro models are an evolution of Husqvarna design and colours
• New clutch basket with a weight saving design and new clutch springs for more consistent behaviour on the FC 250-350
• New O-rings on the oil pump suction screen for the 4-stroke engines
• New swingarm on the TC 85, 0.5 kg lighter with same structural characteristics; redesigned chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket for increased safety and performance
• New Maxxis “Maxx Cross SI” tyres on the TC 85
• New ignition curve on the TC 125 for safety against detonation
Motocross 2015: what’s new – in detail
New 4CS fork
WP has developed a closed cartridge 4CS fork specifically for Motocross. The new four chamber fork has improved damping characteristics and is also lighter than the previous closed cartridge fork. As with all 4CS forks by WP, the clicker settings can be easily and quickly adjusted via the dials on the top of the fork tubes. The red dial on the right alters rebound damping, while the white dial on the left is for compression damping.
WP suspension stands for top quality and offers the best performance levels. Precision engineering, quality materials and advanced production processes are an integral part of the WP forks on the Husqvarna model range.
– New 4CS closed cartridge fork → specifically designed for Motocross, improved damping and 175g lighter than previous fork
– Easy access clicker dials → simple and fast clicker settings New 22mm front axle
In the overall optimisation of the chassis, the MY15 Motocross bikes feature a new 22mm front axle with specific fork shoes in place of the previous 26mm axle. The new axle is lighter, and the shoes have shorter offset and increased trail, for more stability and better front-end feel.
– New 22mm front axle replaces 26mm axle → reduced unsprung weight (40g) and better feeling
– Shorter offset on fork shoes → improved fork functioning New linkage geometry
The rear link has been revised and now features a higher starting rate, and therefore a less progressive curve, that provides better control in all circumstances. Further advancements in production processes have seen an improvement in quality and a reduction in weight of the triangle and pull rod of approximately 40g.
– New linkage geometry → optimized rising rate for better control and stability – New production process → weight reduction on all components
New rear shock
The high performance Husqvarna DCC (Dual Compression Control) rear shock made by WP has a revised setup and has been re-valved to match the geometry changes of the new rear link. The new shock features a 4mm increase in stroke thanks to the new link geometry, for better handling and damping characteristics.
– New WP shock → revised setup and valving
– 4mm more shock stroke → same wheel travel for better damping characteristics

Rear subframe reinforcement
The lightweight polyamide rear subframe has been reinforced with an additional screw on the airbox side that improves the fitment between the left subframe arm and the airbox. The improved seal guarantees better performance and durability.
– Improved fitment of subframe components → improved airbox seal for better performance
– A unique feature in Motocross → highlights Husqvarna’s technological knowhow New fork protectors
The distinctive yellow fork protectors have been redesigned and no longer wrap around the fork leg. The new design allows for improved access to the fork leg for better maintenance and cleaning, while also being easier to replace.
– New fork protectors → easier to replace, better maintenance and cleaning of fork Improved handguards
Handguards are standard across the range and now feature better impact resistance thanks to a new compound.
– Improved handguards → better impact resistance New Neken handlebars
New Neken handlebar, with the same bend as the previous model year, with Husqvarna bar pad mated to Husqvarna grips for excellent control of the bike.
– New Neken handlebar and bar pad → distinctive looks New seat cover
The seat features a new seat cover material that improves grip and durability. The sturdy material is also harder than the previous cover, making the entire seat firmer, improving comfort and feeling.
– Durable and firm seat cover → improved grip, durability, feeling and comfort Dunlop MX52 tyres
The lightweight wheels are complemented by new Dunlop MX52 Motocross tyres that feature a new “block-within-a-block” design for more progressive cornering. The new Dunlop rubber has been developed to offer superior grip in a wider variety of terrain.
– New design developed in top-level AMA Supercross and Motocross → enhanced handling, cornering and steering feel combined with increased durability

New graphics
The traditional Husqvarna white, blue and yellow has evolved into a striking and distinctive look for the MY15 Motocross range.
– New graphics differentiated from Enduro models → evolution of Husqvarna design and colours
Overall weight savings
The general optimization of the MY15 Motocross range results in an overall weight saving of 338 g.


Weight new

Weight old


Pull rod




Rear suspension




4CS left fork leg




4CS right fork leg




Front wheel axle and spacer




Fork protectors




Lower bearing triple clamp seal




Steering stem bolt





Total weight saving

338 g


CSS Clutch
The CSS clutch (coil spring steel) is featured on the FC 250 and FC 350. The one-piece CNC machined steel clutch basket has been redesigned for MY15, making it lighter. It integrates the primary gear for maximum strength and reliability. The clutch springs have also been upgraded with new material that guarantees more consistent behaviour. Smooth clutch action, perfect clutch modulation and minimal lever force for lightning-fast starts and consistent feel and performance during the longest motos, is ensured by the precise Brembo hydraulic system.
– New clutch basket → weight saving design
– New clutch springs → more consistent behaviour
– CSS (coil spring steel) one-piece CNC machined clutch → smooth clutch action,
consistent feel and performance
– Brembo hydraulic system → perfect clutch modulation
– Low design → contributes to engine compactness

Oil pump
On the 4-stroke engines, the oil pump suction screen has new O-rings that increase durability under extreme conditions and over time.
– New O-rings on oil pump suction screen → increased durability TC 85 Swingarm
The single-component cast swingarm has been redesigned for MY15 on the TC 85. It is now 0.5 kg lighter while maintaining the same structural characteristics. The new swingarm also features a redesigned chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket that increase safety and performance.

Motocross tech-highlights
Chromium Molybdenum Steel Frame
The engineers in Research and Development had clear objectives in terms of torsional rigidity, longitudinal stiffness and weight. The goal was to give the rider optimal feedback and complete confidence in every situation. This was achieved by designing the lightweight chromium molybdenum frame with precise longitudinal flex that helps absorb impacts from the rear wheel, working together with the suspension for better comfort and greater feedback.
The torsional rigidity enhances turn-in, sharp handling and stability even on the roughest terrain, giving the rider complete confidence in finding his lines and increasing his pace lap after lap. WP Performance Systems produces every frame to exacting standards in an ultra-advanced production plant. The production process involves hydro-forming and robot welding for maximum precision and consistent quality that is reflected in the supreme performance of every Husqvarna motorcycle.
– Precisely engineered frame flex → maximum comfort and excellent feedback to the rider
– Torsional rigidity → sharp handling and exceptional stability
– Lightweight construction → maximum performance in all conditions
– Advanced production process by WP → superior quality and performance
– Impact resistant → in the event of a crash, polyamide bends back into place
– A unique feature in Motocross → highlights Husqvarna’s technological knowhow
Aluminium Swingarm
The single component construction of the aluminium swingarm eliminates welding, providing more reliability, stability and safety, as well as superior quality and consistent behaviour over time compared to other construction processes. The specific flex engineered into the swingarm makes the most of the Husqvarna engine characteristics in terms of traction and power.
– One-piece die cast → strong, light and stable with consistent behaviour – Specific flex characteristics → maximises traction and feeling
CNC Machined Triple Clamps
The lightweight black-anodised CNC machined triple clamps are designed to precisely flex under certain conditions, perfectly complementing the fork, and transferring detailed information to the rider. They are designed to evenly distribute the clamping force on the fork leg, maximizing contact area for optimal sensitivity and minimum friction. Ergonomics play a major role in rider feeling and confidence, so the handlebar can be adjusted in 4 different positions to adapt to a wide variety of riders.
– Precisely engineered flex → maximum feedback to the rider
– Sophisticated fork leg clamping → even distribution of clamping force on fork leg – 4 handlebar positions → adaptable ergonomics to rider preference

Weight saving on the crankcase was achieved thanks to the high pressure die cast production procedure and the absence of the kick-starter mount. The thin walls achieved by the advanced production procedure significantly reduce weight, maintain tensile strength and resistance to chipping, and have the added advantage of a higher quality surface finish compared to other casting methods. The Husqvarna logo adorns the stylish bronze finished side covers.
– High pressure die cast production process → thin walls for reduced weight, while maintaining strength
Counter Balance Shaft
The side-mounted multifunctional counter balance shaft of the 4-stroke engines reduces vibrations, contributes to the compact layouts of the engine, and simultaneously drives the water pump and timing chain.
– Side mounted multifunctional counter balancer shaft → cancels inertia forces, drives water pump and contributes to compact engine design
Engine Management System (EMS)
The electronic fuel injection and 44mm throttle body of the Keihin Engine Management System on the 4-stroke models, combine to offer amazing power delivery and efficiency at all engine speeds. The injector was positioned on the bottom of the inlet tract for optimal air-fuel mixture, resulting in crisp throttle response and class-leading power.
Great attention was dedicated to ensuring that cleaning and washing the bike will not damage the electronics. The wire harness, lead wire, and high quality sealed critical connectors ensure that a jet wash poses no threat. The throttle position sensor (TPS) is also water resistant and protected.
– Keihin electronic fuel injection with 44mm throttle body → telepathic throttle response, optimal power delivery
– Wire harness with high quality sealed critical connecters → protected high-tech electronics
Standard Map Switch
With the map switch fitted as standard on all Motocross models except the TC 85 and TC 125, the power delivery characteristics of the engine can be modified according to terrain and rider preference.

Electric Starter
All 4-strokes feature a reliable electric-start-only system. The electric starter is a great advantage in every situation, especially in the event of a fall or in a difficult location on track. The increase in weight has been kept to a minimum by eliminating the mounting and components of the kick-starter.
– Electric starter → priceless companion especially after falling or in a difficult location on the track
Every model in the range, except the TC 85 and TC 125, features a lightweight 5-speed gearbox to give maximum performance on the vast majority of track layouts. The TC 85 and 125 feature a precise 6-speed gearbox.
– Lightweight precision-engineered gearbox → perfect gear-shifting DDS Clutch
An innovative DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch system is featured on the FC 450 and TC 250. A single diaphragm steel spring instead of coil springs is used. It integrates a damping system for better traction and durability. The single-piece design of the clutch basket allows the use of thin steel liners and contributes to the narrowness of the engine. Perfect clutch modulation and minimal lever force for lightning-fast starts and consistent feel and performance during the longest motos, is ensured by the precise Brembo hydraulic system.
– DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch → integrated damping system for better traction and durability
– Strong inner hub → increased stability
– Brembo hydraulic system → perfect clutch modulation
Integrated Airbox
The large airbox is designed to allow quick and easy filter change in seconds without tools. All models fit a Twin Air filter as standard and have dedicated air intake snorkels designed for maximum power.
– Tool-less filter access → easy and fast maintenance
– Large volume and dedicated intake snorkels → maximum performance
– Combination of maximum airflow and best protection → top performance and reliability

DID Wheels
Black DID rims, made of high strength alloy, and CNC machined hubs mated to silver anodised aluminium nipples add an aggressive and modern look to the Husqvarna Motocross range.
– Lightweight but strong and reliable construction → minimum unsprung weight Bodywork
Form follows function in typical Swedish tradition. The stylish and modern bodywork has been designed for a perfect fit of man and machine, allowing for total control in all conditions for the most diverse body sizes.
– Slim bodywork → perfect movement and ergonomics for all rider sizes Fuel Tank
The fuel tanks fit perfectly within the tailor-made bodywork and feature a reliable and safe threaded filler cap. The 4-stroke fuel tanks have an integrated fuel pump.
Exhaust System
All models closely adhere to the strict FIM noise regulations and feature optimised silencers that retain optimum performance throughout the entire rev range. The header pipes of the 250 and 350 models feature specially designed resonance chambers in order to have exceptional power characteristics while lowering noise levels significantly.
Cooling System
A cooling system, that features WP radiators and integrated routing into the frame, dissipates heat efficiently and guarantees optimal cooling and fitting thanks to the reduced tubing.
– Integrated cooling → maximum efficiency in minimum space Brakes
The latest high performance Brembo brakes feature 260mm and 220mm wave discs at the front and rear respectively. The perfectly placed controls allow for optimal feel and balance under extreme conditions.
– High performance brakes → shorter stopping distance with greater control and confidence

TC 85
Big performance in a small package, the TC 85 features the highest technology available in Motocross, and delivers it in style. Nimble and agile, the powerful little 2-stroke engine is equipped with a power valve and is fitted into a solid chassis that has been updated with a new swingarm and new tyres. Now more than ever, the little Husqvarna is ready for the top step of the podium.
The high performance 2-stroke engine on the TC 85 is fitted with a power valve to maximise the power band. The high performance cylinder has flow-optimised ports and an exhaust control valve for top performance. Reliable and efficient cooling is guaranteed by integrated crankcase cooling and two radiators.
– High performance 2-stroke → maximum performance, minimum running costs
– Exhaust control valve and flow-optimised ports → top performance throughout rev range
Frame, subframe and swingarm
The chromoly steel frame and lightweight aluminium rear subframe combine to offer unrivalled precision and rider confidence. The single-component cast swingarm has been redesigned for MY15. It is now 0.5 kg lighter while maintaining the same structural characteristics. The new swingarm also features a redesigned chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket that increase safety and performance. The advanced production process eliminates welding and guarantees consistent behaviour and quality.
– New swingarm → 0.5 kg lighter, same structural characteristics
– Redesigned chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket → increased safety and performance
– Steel frame and aluminium subframe → maximum stability and rider confidence
Gearbox and clutch
The precision-engineered 6-speed gearbox is mated to a smooth and precise Formula hydraulic clutch.
Front Suspension
WP suspension front and back is completely adjustable and can be adapted to different riding styles and varying rider preferences while learning. The 43mm upside down fork with 270mm of travel has all the high quality characteristics of the full size Motocross models in the Husqvarna range.
Rear Suspension
The PDS rear suspension offers stability and precision in every situation. The shock is completely adjustable and can be setup to perfectly match rider preference and track conditions.

Wheels and tyres
Black Excel rims and new Maxxis “Maxx Cross SI” tyres deliver outstanding performance on a variety of terrain. The pattern design and rubber compound of the new tyres deliver exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction and predictability. The CNC machined hubs play an important role in keeping overall weight at a minimum.
– New Maxxis “Maxx Cross SI” tyres → exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction and predictability
– Black Excel wheels and CNC machined hubs → low unsprung weight and great stability
Amazing stopping power and feeling are guaranteed by the Formula brakes that feature a cutting-edge radial, four piston brake caliper and 220mm Wave disc at the front, and a two piston caliper and 210mm Wave disc at the rear.
– Formula brake calipers and Wave discs (220mm front, 210mm rear) → Superior stopping power and feeling
• Redesigned swingarm saves weight
• New chain guide, chain slider and brake hose bracket increase safety and performance
• New Maxxis tyres improve traction and stability
• Full size performance
• Quality components: maximum reliability
• Light, agile and stable for complete rider confidence
• Fast starts thanks to smooth hydraulic clutch action

TC 125
It’s easy to see why the TC 125 is such a big hit, with its lightweight chassis and a 125cc engine equipped with power valve, hydraulic clutch and a 6-speed gearbox, this little 2-stroke pumps out nearly 40 hp and holds the record for thrills per minute. Husqvarna has been competitive in 2-stroke Motocross over the decades and the TC 125 continues this tradition.
The compact 125cc 2-stroke engine features a sophisticated power valve for maximum performance across the entire rev range, new generation reed blocks with Boyesen reeds for excellent response and durability, and optimal intake flow rates. For MY15, a new ignition curve increases safety against detonation.
– New ignition curve → safety against detonation
– 2-stroke running costs → affordable access to top performance – Boyesen reed valve → excellent response and durability
Cylinder and piston
The cylinder and power valve have been designed for maximum throttle opening resulting in strong bottom-end torque and excellent top performance. The lightweight piston is produced by Vertex and has been designed for power and reliability.
– Designed for maximum throttle opening → excellent top performance Gearbox and clutch
The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and hydraulic Magura clutch for excellent modulation and smooth gear changes. The clutch lever can rotate almost 90° in the event of a crash.
– Magura hydraulic clutch → excellent modulation
– Flex lever → can rotate by almost 90° in the event of a crash Benefits
• New ignition curve increases safety against detonation
• Most powerful 2-stroke 125cc engine guarantees class-leading performance on track
• Easy access to competition thanks to 2-stroke affordability
• Effortless acceleration thanks to smooth hydraulic clutch action and precise gearbox
• Composite rear subframe – first time on series production 2-stroke Motocross

TC 250
The powerful and tractable 250cc 2-stroke engine of the TC 250 packs the most advanced technology available in Motocross. With well over 50 hp harnessed in an advanced chassis, the TC 250’s incredible power-to-weight ratio makes it easy to control the exhilarating power delivery of the strong 2-stroke engine. The standard handlebar map switch, polyamide rear subframe, hydraulic clutch and Brembo brakes make the TC 250 a formidable competitor to the more complex 4-strokes.
The powerful 250cc 2-stroke engine features an exhaust power valve and Boyesen reeds that optimise power and torque and guarantee excellent response and durability. The engine characteristics can be adapted to rider preference by varying the spring stiffness in the exhaust valve. The cylinder head has been designed for throttle response and torque and is perfectly mated to the power valve for optimal power delivery in every circumstance.
– Boyesen reed valve → excellent response and durability
– Spring stiffness in exhaust valve can be varied → engine characteristics can be tailored
– Performance upgrade → 300cc Husky Power kit available
– Exceptional throttle response and torque → great power delivery through entire rev range
• Engine performance tuned for tractability, guarantees exceptional power delivery
• Cutting-edge chassis technology results in low weight and agility
• Maximum performance and enjoyment with 2-stroke affordability
• Light and precision engineered gearbox mated to a hydraulic clutch for smooth and confident starts and gear selection
• Performance upgrade → 300cc Husky Power kit available

FC 250
An exhilarating, high-revving power delivery and a lightweight and agile chassis, make the FC 250 a true contender in 250 4-stroke racing at all levels worldwide. The 14,000 RPM rev limit and peak power at well over 40 horsepower are benchmark performance figures. High quality standard equipment includes electric start, a hydraulic clutch, Brembo brakes and a handlebar-mounted map switch.
Technologically advanced solutions in engine layout and components ensure explosive engine performance. The lightweight and compact DOHC 4-stroke engine has been designed to offer top performance without compromise. The large titanium valves (32.5mm intake and 26.5mm exhaust) weigh only 19.6g each on the intake side and 18g on the exhaust side. DLC coated finger followers and cam shafts designed for top performance also contribute to the extreme power delivery of the 250cc engine.
– Explosive engine performance → 14,000 rpm rev limit and 44hp – Large and lightweight titanium valves → optimal gas flow
– Finger followers → DLC coating for less friction and higher revs
Crankshaft, conrod and piston
The high revving 250cc engine demands high-tech and reliable engine components. The crankshaft features a plain big end bearing and force-fitted bearing shells, ensuring durability and long service intervals. The conrod and crankshaft are produced by industry leader Pankl to exacting standards. The piston is produced by König and has been designed for minimum weight to suit the high-revving, high output nature of the FC 250. The forged box-type piston weighs only 200g and combines high performance and reliability, and guarantees a compression ratio of 13.9:1 for maximum power output.
– Plain big end bearing and force-fitted bearing shells → increased durability and service intervals
– Short stroke → reduces inertia for dynamic engine response
– Forged box-type → high performance and reliability, weighs only 200g Benefits
• New clutch basket and clutch springs save weight and improve consistency
• Class-leading performance
• Lightweight agility for easy and stable handling
• Advanced electronics guarantee smooth power delivery and sharp throttle response
• Compact, reliable and smooth clutch and gearbox for perfect starts, holeshot after holeshot
• Electric start effortlessly gets you out of trouble
FC 350
With top-level performance guaranteed by the lightweight agility of a 250 and the hard-hitting power of a 450, the FC 350 carves through turns effortlessly and powers down straights aggressively. Standard equipment such as the electric start system and the handlebar- mounted map switch highlight the FC 350’s technological edge over the competition.
With peak power of 54 horsepower in a package of roughly the same dimensions as the FC 250 engine, the FC 350 offers 450-class performance with 250-class size. Superb engineering and manufacturing expertise combine to make the impressive engine that powers the FC 350 to the top of the power output charts. The titanium valves are ultra- lightweight, weighing only 22.4g and have a diameter of 36.3mm each on the intake side, and 22.7g with a diameter of 29.1mm on the exhaust side. Combined with the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coated followers, the FC 350 engine is capable of reaching a 13,000 rpm ceiling. The yellow valve cover tops-off a technological marvel.
– Size similar to 250 and power to 450 → best of both worlds
– Effortless power delivery → easy use with less effort to go fast
– Titanium valves → only 22.4g each on the intake and 22.7g each on the exhaust – Finger followers → DLC coating for less friction and higher revs – 13,000 rpm
Crankshaft, conrod and piston
The plain big end bearing and two force-fitted shells that run directly on the crank pin are lubricated by the engine’s pressure lubrication in order to maintain durability and long service intervals (100 hours before changing con rod, con rod bearing and crank pin). The FC 350’s power output and engine characteristics require the highest quality components, therefore the entire crankshaft, together with the con rod, is produced by industry leader Pankl. The CP-Carrillo forged box-type piston combines maximum performance and reliability with minimum weight, only 270g. The compression ratio is 13.65:1.
– Plain big end bearing, force-fitted bearing shells and pressure lubrication → increased durability and service intervals
– Forged box-type → high performance and reliability Benefits
• New clutch basket and clutch springs save weight and improve consistency
• Perfect mix between 250 agility and 450 power
• Easy to control, less effort than the 450
• Power comparable to 450cc rivals
• Innovative solutions such as the composite rear subframe
• Effortless electric start system

FC 450
Strong, yet usable engine performance catapults the FC 450 into contention at the top of the 450 class. The FC 450 has astonishing force from the SOHC engine, incredible handling from the lightweight, cutting-edge chassis, and embodies the core values of Husqvarna. The standard electric start and handlebar-mounted map switch make the FC 450 one of the most advanced Motocross bikes on the market.
The compact SOHC design delivers exceptional power and torque over an extremely wide rev range. The accessible, class-leading performance of the FC 450 engine allows riders to confidently rocket of the corners, power down the straights and clear any jump. The single overhead cam in the cylinder head actuates four lightweight titanium valves, only 32 grams each, via lightweight and rigid rocker arms (DLC coated on the intake). The diameter of the intake valves is 38mm, while on the exhaust side it is 33mm. The broad power band of the FC 450 stretches to 11,500 rpm, peaking at 60 hp while maintaining exceptional torque low in the rev range. A three layer head gasket is used to guarantee durability.
– Superior power → 60 hp for maximum performance
– Exceptional torque → broad power band for accessible power in every situation and gear
– SOHC → compact engine design
– Titanium valves → low weight, only 32g each
– DLC coated rocker arms on intake → broad power band all the way to the 11,500 rev limit
Crankshaft, conrod and piston
The FC 450 features an industry-leading Pankl produced crankshaft and conrod in order to ensure that the high power output and torque of the 450cc engine are combined with durability and long service intervals (100 hours before changing con rod, con rod bearing and crank pin). To achieve this goal, the lightweight crankshaft has a pressure lubricated plain big end bearing, and two force-fitted shells that run directly on the crank pin. The König bridge- box-type piston weighs 330g and has a bore of 95mm, it was developed to reduce engine vibration and optimise strength. The compression ratio is 12.6:1 for an amazing peak output of 60 hp.
– Plain big end bearing, force-fitted bearing shells and pressure lubrication → increased durability and service intervals
– König bridge-box-type → reduces engine vibration and optimises strength

• 60 hp SOHC engine: breath-taking power in a compact engine
• Composite rear subframe combined with chromoly frame for optimal handling characteristics
• DDS clutch system contributes to compact engine design and saves weight
• Precise 5-speed gearbox for smooth shifting
• Electric start gets you back on track every time