Ride Engineering has new 2016 Husqvarna / KTM clamps available in silver, black, orange and blue.

These clamps have been designed with these goals in mind:

  1. Dampening: to insulate the handlebars from vibration with Polyurethane Cones (included).
  2. Flex: the whole area where the bottom clamp wraps around the forks has been designed to allow the forks to flex like stock.
  3. Improve the handling by offering different offsets to suit the rider’s needs.
  4. A steering damper mount can be added to install a Showa damper (sold separately). The design incorporates a strong but light weight one piece bar mount that keeps the handlebars from twisting in a crash; with removable stainless steel posts.


More information on these products can be viewed on their newly updated website, which is now totally compatible for mobile devices. Click or tap your way to their website at www.ride-engineering.com.