We caught up with them in our January issue but here’s the official press release covering Dave Thorpe’s two new teams…

The Buildbase Honda Race Teamis an international race team competing in motocross at the very highest level. From young female racer Danni Marsh to up-and-coming stars Jordan Booker and Ryan Houghton and including British title contender and established grand prix superstar Nicolas Aubin, it’s a formidable team without doubt.

The Phoenix Tools Honda Race Teamhas been carefully selected to race at local, regional and national level and Maarten Cremers, Jackson Evans and Ben Dennison will surely have their eyes firmly fixed on the South West Centre team trophy in 2012.


Dave Thorpe has returned to Honda in spectacular fashion. In a few short months he has built two Honda race teams whose primary objectives are to help improve sales and awareness through team sponsors and the UK off-road Honda Dealer network.

The results will hopefully speak for themselves and will provide an excellent vehicle to promote and advertise the excellent Honda CRF range and likewise our sponsor’s products.

We will also be arranging test days, set-up days and dealer open evenings to allow existing and potential customers to be a part of our exciting plans and provide professional support and advice in every aspect of motocross racing from a team competing at every level of the sport.

The future of motocross is in the hands of our young racers and over the Christmas period we would like to take this opportunity of introducing the team.We will be delighted to see you at the races in 2012 and as part of our exclusive club whether you are a dealer, sponsor or enthusiastic supporter, we hope you will share in our success.

The attached image shows the complete 2012 line up of the Buildbase Honda Race Team and Phoenix Tools Honda Race Team.From left: Maarten Cremers, Ben Dennison, Danni Marsh, Nicolas Aubin, Jordan Booker, Ryan Houghton and Jackson Evans