The Heads and All Threads Suzuki Team of Spinks, Bradshaw and Eccles are all heading to Round One of the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship, which is being held at Lyng, Norfolk this Sunday, March 20.

Cadders Hill is one of the best British Championship tracks and is always very well run by the club who ensure the track is in good condition.

Moving on from their warm up race at Preston Docks, the Team have had two weeks of quality practise and all three riders are in a good position to ride to their capabilities this weekend.


A good start is key for decent results, therefore qualifying times are important – both for start gate position and frame of mind for each rider.

Neil Prince, Team Manager says: “The guys have had good practise and are in a good place at the moment so we’re looking forward to seeing all three show their potential.”