The heart-stopping and heart-breaking path that France’s Tom Pagès has taken in freestyle motocross after his brother’s near-fatal crash in 2010 is the subject of a stirring new documentary called “Tom Pagès – Untangled”.

The gripping film takes a fascinating look behind the scenes on how Pagès overcame tragedy, re-focused his life, returned to the sport and re-defined Freestyle Motocross with breathtaking new tricks that had crowds on their feet around the world. It will be shown for free on and Red Bull TV starting on December 22.

The moving documentary film “Tom Pagès Untangled” chronicles the drama and tragedy that followed his brother Charles’ crash in 2010 and Tom’s courageous comeback to the sport. Pagès, who is arguably the most exciting current FMX rider and is constantly pushing the envelope for new tricks, came back from a break away from competition to win the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour title in 2013 with a most dominant campaign. The documentary takes a deeper look at the complexities of Pagès, and the extreme ups and downs of the immensely likeable and entertaining Frenchman. Pagès explains for the first time in great detail what moved and motivated him during the most difficult years around his brother’s crash.


Pagès was one of the most promising young FMX riders as a teenager and was following his older brother Charles into the sport. But after Charles was badly hurt in a heavy crash while attempting a Front Flip in December 2010, the FMX world held its collective breath as Charles battled to stay alive and recover. Tom stayed away from FMX competition but trained hard, especially on his mental strength. He nevertheless decided he would not do any flips anymore and would only try to impress the crowds and judges with a repertoire of other tricks. It seemed like an impossible task — declining to perform what was probably the most important jump in the sport.

But against long odds, Pagès started his comeback in Red Bull X-Fighters in 2012. After getting his first invite to an event in more than two years, he took a spectacular second place in Glen Helen, California even though he resolutely refused to do backflips. He then thrilled the crowd in Madrid with the Volt and the first-ever Special Flip in a freestyle run, before he pulled off the spectacular Flair across the Quarter Pipe in Munich and won – the first rider to win a stop without a backflip in 10 years.

The 2013 season could not have started soon enough for Pagès and he was virtually unbeatable from the start with five podiums in five stops – winning Mexico City and Madrid. “This is a Cinderella story,” says the excited TV commentator in Madrid as Pagès puts in a flawless performance to win the 2013 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour title that he so richly deserved.

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