Johnny Aubert and Danny McCanney share the spoils at BSEC rounds one and two…

Under a blanket of snow the opening two rounds of the 2012 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship fired into life near Aldershot, Hampshire delivering some thrilling racing action and close fought battles. With temperatures plummeting to minus 10 degrees Celsius prior to the start of round one, the series witnessed two different overall winners as Frenchman Johnny Aubert topped the results at round one while Under 23 class rider Manxman Danny McCanney rode to an incredible outright win at round two.

Using the BSEC season opener as a testing session ahead of his assault on the Enduro World Championship, KTM mounted Johnny Aubert quickly mastered the slippery conditions to top the hotly contested Elite class while also winning the event outright. Winning three of the five special tests, Aubert rode to a convincing Elite victory ahead of newly crowned FIM SuperEnduro World Champion Taddy Blazusiak (KTM). 


Starting cautiously, Blazusiak soon found his rhythm and worked his way into second overall, finishing just in front of defending BSEC champion Tom Sagar (Honda). With both Aubert and Blazusiak unable to compete at round two, KTM’s David Knight, who opted not to ride at round one after falling on the first lap and hurting his hand, took control of the Elite class proceedings to win round two. Showing no ill effects of his round one crash Knight ended the day’s competition 24 seconds clear of Sagar. TM’s Jordan Rose achieved his best ever BSEC result with third overall in the Elite class having lead early on.

Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) got the defence of his Under 23 class title off to a perfect start with a double victory. Posting consistently fast test times McCanney won the opening round of the series by 19 seconds from Husaberg’s Alex Rockwell. However, it was Rockwell that set the pace during the majority of round two. Leading his class and also the event outright for the most part of the day, McCanney eventually overhauled his Manx neighbour to claim yet another victory.

Overcoming a six-second deficit leading into the final test, McCanney laid down the fastest time of the weekend to top the final result sheets by four seconds. In close pursuit, KTM’s Jonny Walker was third both days as the talented Under 23 trio also ended round two as the top three overall performing riders.

In the Under 19 class, Steve Holcombe comfortably earned his first ever BSEC victory by winning his class at round one by over 34 seconds. Joe Jones (KTM) and Aaron Smith (Husaberg) were second and third. At round two Holcombe continued to get his 2012 campaign off to the best possible start by claiming another victory in Under 19. Joe Jones again finished second behind Holcombe as Joe Wotton (Kawasaki) recovered from his round one non-score to end the day third pushing Smith back into fourth overall.

New for 2012 was the introduction of the 125 Youth Cup for riders under the age of 19 on 125cc, or smaller, two-stroke machinery. Making his first appearance for Husaberg, Jamie McCanney easily claimed a double victory in Aldershot. At home in the slippery conditions, McCanney also briefly led the event outright by placing in front of two-time Enduro World Champion Johnny Aubert at the end of lap one.

Behind McCanney the battle for the remaining podium positions was very much alive. Brad Freeman (KTM) followed McCanney home for second at round one while Lee Sealey (KTM) finished third with TM’s Josh Gotts in fourth. The positions were reversed at round two with Gotts putting in a strong ride for second just four seconds ahead of Sealey.

Switching to new machinery for 2012, Expert victor Richard Ely enjoyed a superb weekend. Starting the event with care, Ely quickly overhauled early race leader Jack Lee (Gas Gas) to win the opening round by six seconds. With Lee holding onto second, Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) followed the pair home for third. Ely again was the top Expert performer at round two to mark a perfect start to his season. Second time out Maytom-Jones was Ely’s nearest challenger finishing less than six seconds adrift at the end of round two. Lee fended of a late charge by Oliver Hart (KTM) to complete the Expert podium.

In the Clubman class Jamie Jenkin’s claimed the first win of 2012. Unable to recover from an early morning crash, Northern Ireland’s Richard Topping had to settle for second as Erich Schonwalder improved throughout the day for third. Finishing fifth at round one, Matthew Solan bounced back to win round two. Gethin Francombe (TM) was second while Schonwalder again finished third with Topping in fourth.

The newly introduced Women’s class was a welcome addition to the BSEC programme. Top performer, Jane Daniel’s (KTM) made light work of the course to easily win both rounds in Aldershot. New to enduro, professional downhill mountain biker Fionn Griffiths (KTM) and Rhian George traded positions over the weekend. With Griffiths placing second at round one, George would finish second at round two. Emily Davey finished fourth on both days, while Stephanie Rowe was fifth.

The opening two rounds of the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship provided some exceptionally closely fought racing in some extreme weather conditions. The series now moves on to Llangrove, Monmouth along the England/Wales border for rounds three and four on March 10/11.

Johnny Aubert – Elite:“It was really difficult today (round one) and took a lot of concentration to get a good lap. But this is enduro and sometimes we face some tough conditions. I tried to ride smoothly, not be too aggressive on the throttle and link my corners together. It worked out and I ended up winning. I loved the format of the event. It’s good for the riders as we can focus on racing the special test and not have to worry about anything else. We can also make changes to the bike and try out new things. I’ve really enjoyed the race and it was good to meet and talk to the spectators this weekend.”

Taddy Blazusiak – Elite:“I came here to do some testing and ended up coming away with second in Elite on Saturday. It wasn’t easy conditions to ride in but we made the best of it. The course improved after each lap and I was able to push a little harder each time. After racing nothing but EnduroCross for the last year I’m enjoying this type of racing and had a lot of fun.”

Ricky Dietrich – Elite:“It’s a shame how my weekend ended but I’ve come away learning a lot. At round one, I finished eight overall but a couple of mistakes held me back. For round two we made some changes to the bike and I was feeling great. My time in the first run was really good but then I hurt my knee a little.  I’ve enjoyed my first taste of the BSEC this weekend and now know what I need to work on and can expect for the next round.”

Danny McCanney – Under 23:“Leading into the last test of the weekend I knew I had a shot of picking up another win. I just tried to put my head down and make it count. It worked out and I won both my class and the overall. Winning yesterday as well has made it a perfect start to the season.”

Alex Rockwell – Under 23:“It’s been a tough battle all weekend between Danny, Jonny and myself. After finishing second yesterday, I thought I had him beat at round two but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I had a small advantage leading into the final test and hoped I could win. I put in my best test of the weekend but so did Danny and he got me right at the end. All three of us are pushing hard and I think that’s showing now as we’ve finished top three overall today.”

Jonny Walker – Under 23:“I was putting in some consistent times this weekend and the battle for the win was tight all day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go better than third on both days but there hasn’t been much to separate the top three. It’s good to know that I can match the pace of the front guys. Leading into the final special test we were only separated by four seconds so I happy with how things have worked out. It’s going to be a good fight this season.”

Jane Daniels – Women:“Winning both days has been a brilliant start to the season for me. Initially found it hard to ride the conditions but as a line cut in I began to find my rhythm and ended up with a good result. Today the course was better and in the last half of the day it was beginning to come to its best. I’m excited to go to Llangrove where hopefully I can win again.”

2012 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship – Round 1


1. Johnny Aubert (KTM) 37:53.05; 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM); 3. Tom Sagar (Honda); 4. Simon Wakely (Husaberg); 5. Tom Church (KTM); 6. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna); 7. Daryl Bolter (KTM); 8. Ricky Dietrich (Husqvarna); 9. Mark Roberts (Kawasaki); 10. Paul Bolton (KTM); 11. Lee Edmondson (KTM); 12. Gavin Houson (KTM); 13. Jon Hinam (Husqvarna); 14. Gordon Clarke (TM ); 15. Jordon Rose (TM ); 16. Ryan Voase (Kawasaki)


1. Richard Ely (KTM) 41:46.05; 2. Jack Lee (Gas Gas); 3. Tyson Mayton-Jones (Husaberg); 4. Luke Copestoke (KTM); 5. James Jackman (Honda); 6. Oliver Hart (KTM); 7. Julian Harvey (KTM); 8. Daniel Beaven (KTM); 9. Craig Reynolds (KTM); 10. Mark Cringle (KTM); 11. Damian Butler (KTM); 12. Ashely Williamson (KTM); 13. James Burroughs (Husqvarna); 14. Daniel Alldred (Honda); 15. Paul Herbert (KTM); 16. Neil Hawker (KTM); 17. Alastair Millar (KTM); 18. Neil Bowker (Honda); 19. Freddie Davis (KTM); 20. Neil Carroll (KTM); 21. Adrian Lappin (TM ); 22. Phil Cooper (KTM); 23. Dave Coles (KTM); 24. Craig Jones (Kawasaki); 25. Tony Cotty (KTM); 26. Colin Cowley (KTM)

Under 19

1. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 40:17.62; 2. Joe Jones (KTM); 3. Aaron Smith (Husaberg); 4. James Dent (KTM); 5. Robert Johnson (Husqvarna); 6. Stuart Owen (Yamaha); 7. Luke Flack (KTM); 8. Tom Crump (Suzuki); 9. Aaron Edwards (TM ); 10. Andrew Bull (KTM); 11. Luke Gorse (KTM); 12. Ryan Ireland (KTM); 13. Drew Slevin (Yamaha); 14. Joe Wotton (Kawasaki)

125 Youth Cup

1. Jamie McCanney (Husaberg) 38:48.59; 2. Brad Freeman (KTM); 3. Leo Sealey (KTM); 4. Josh Gotts (TM ); 5. Scott Altass (Husaberg); 6. Charlie Nichols (Yamaha); 7. Jack Staines (Yamaha); 8. Jon Hunt (Husqvarna); 9. Kyle Casement (KTM); 10. George Hayes (KTM); 11. Duncan Norrie (KTM)

Under 23

1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 38:01.92; 2. Alex Rockwell (Husaberg); 3. Jonny Walker (KTM); 4. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna); 5. Jordan Scott (KTM); 6. Frazer Norrie (KTM); 7. Lewis Belfield (KTM); 8. Rheinallt Davies (KTM); 9. Neil Chatham (KTM); 10. James Giddings (KTM); 11. Bradley King (Gas Gas); 12. Gareth Davies (KTM); 13. Alun Jones (Husqvarna); 14. Steven Currie (KTM); 15. Daniel Price (Yamaha); 16. Daniel Taylor (KTM); 17. Joe Mitchinson (KTM); 18. Dean Reid (KTM); 19. Lee Green (Husqvarna); 20. Aaron Dent (KTM); 21. Keaton Allan (KTM)


1. Jamie Jenkins (KTM) 46:06.53; 2. Richard Topping (Honda); 3. Erich Schonwalder (KTM); 4. Matthew Solan (KTM); 5. Ian Smart (KTM); 6. Jason Corden (KTM); 7. Gethin Francombe (TM ); 8. Carl Bale (KTM); 9. Michael Johnson (KTM); 10. John Butterworth (KTM); 11. Malcolm Coles (Yamaha); 12. Aaron Martin (KTM); 13. Mark Morris (Yamaha); 14. Lee Summerfield (KTM); 15. Peter Ballinger (KTM); 16. Darren Jones (KTM); 17. John Bishop (KTM); 18. Tommy Graham (KTM); 19. Keith Jones (Yamaha); 20. Roger Baker (KTM); 21. Matthew West (KTM); 22. Matthew Bowen (Honda); 23. Daniel Jacewicz (KTM);


1. Jane Daniels (KTM) 46:54.31; 2. Fionn Griffiths (KTM); 3. Rhian George (KTM); 4. Emily Davey (Yamaha); 5. Stephanie Rowe (AJP)


2012 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship – Round 2


1. David Knight (KTM) 36:34.12; 2. Tom Sagar (Honda); 3. Jordan Rose (TM ); 4. Simon Wakely (Husaberg); 5. Tom Church (KTM); 6. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna); 7. Daryl Bolter (KTM); 8. Mark Roberts (Kawasaki); 9. Paul Bolton (KTM); 10. Gavin Houson (KTM); 11. Lee Edmondson (KTM); 12. Jon Hinam (Husqvarna); 13. Gordon Clarke (TM ); 14. Ricky Dietrich (Husqvarna)


1. Richard Ely (KTM) 39:30.75; 2. Tyson Mayton-Jones (Husaberg); 3. Jack Lee (Gas Gas); 4. Oliver Hart (KTM); 5. James Jackman (Honda); 6. Mark Cringle (KTM); 7. Craig Reynolds (KTM); 8. Luke Copestake (KTM); 9. Julian Harvey (KTM); 10. Damian Butler (KTM); 11. Neil Hawker (KTM); 12. James Burroughs (Husqvarna); 13. Daniel Alldred (Honda); 14. Ashely Williamson (KTM); 15. Freddie Davis (KTM); 16. Neil Bowker (Honda); 17. Paul Herbert (KTM); 18. Adrian Lappin (TM ); 19. Daniel Beaven (KTM); 20. Neil Carroll (KTM); 21. Phil Cooper (KTM); 22. Alastair Millar (KTM); 23. Dave Coles (KTM); 24. Steve Halfhide (KTM);

Under 19

1. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 38:09.76; 2. Joe Jones (KTM); 3. Joe Wootton (Kawasaki); 4. Aaron Smith (Husaberg); 5. James Dent (KTM); 6. Robert Johnson (Husqvarna); 7. Luke Flack (KTM); 8. Aaron Edwards (TM ); 9. Stuart Owen (Yamaha); 10. Andrew Bull (KTM); 11. Tom Crump (Suzuki); 12. Ryan Ireland (KTM); 13. Garin Rosser (KTM); 14. Drew Slevin (Yamaha); 15. Luke Gorse (KTM)

Under 23

1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 35:58.54; 2. Alex Rockwell (Husaberg); 3. Jonny Walker (KTM); 4. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna); 5. Jordan Scott (KTM); 6. Frazer Norrie (KTM); 7. Lewis Belfield (KTM); 8. Neil Chatham (KTM); 9. Rheinallt Davies (KTM); 10. Gareth Davies (KTM); 11. Bradley King (Gas Gas); 12. Alun Jones (Husqvarna); 13. Steven Currie (KTM); 14. Daniel Price (Yamah); 15. Daniel Taylor (KTM); 16. Dean Reid (KTM); 17. Lee Green (Husqvarna); 18. Joe Mitchinson (KTM); 19. Aaron Dent (KTM); 20. James Giddings (KTM)

125 Youth Cup

1. Jamie McCanney (Husaberg) 37:32.70; 2. Josh Gotts (TM ); 3. Lee Sealey (KTM); 4. Jack Staines (Yamaha); 5. Charlie Nichols (Yamaha); 6. Brad Freeman (KTM); 7. Jon Hunt (Husqvarna); 8. Kyle Casement (KTM); 9. George Hayes (KTM); 10. Duncan Norrie (KTM)


1. Matthew Solan (KTM) 43:43.00; 2. Gethin Francombe (TM ); 3. Erich Schonwalder (KTM); 4. Richard Topping (Honda); 5. Jason Corden (KTM); 6. Ian Smart (KTM); 7. Aaron Martin (KTM); 8. Carl Bale (KTM); 9. Malcolm Coles (Yamaha); 10. Michael Johnson (KTM); 11. Lee Summerfield (KTM); 12. John Butterworth (KTM); 13. John Bishop (KTM); 14. Matthew West (KTM); 15. Tommy Graham (KTM); 16. Darren Jones (KTM); 17. Daniel Jacewicz (KTM); 18. Craig Jones (Kawasaki); 19. Matthew Bowen (Honda); 21. Jamie Jenkins (KTM); 22. Roger Baker (KTM)


1. Jane Daniels (KTM) 43:46.41; 2. Rhian George (KTM); 3. Fionn Griffiths (KTM); 4. Emily Davey (Yamaha); 5. Stephanie Rowe (AJP)