Back in early October Monster Energy put the hottest chicks on the continent on red alert by giving them the life-changing chance to become a Monster Girl.

The prize to join the ranks of the Monster Girls, head to some of the best events on the planet and to get a spot on the 2012 Monster Energy calendar shoot had the applications testing the limits of the site

Fortunately for the masses of fans around Europe, they were left with a feast of beauties to check out and ultimately vote for. And boy did they vote.


Entries poured in from South Africa to Finland and the web was flooded with some of the hottest and frankly coolest chicks out there. Keeping up with the Monster Girls’ reputation for being capable of lighting up any environment, the votes followed the hottest but also the girls with a ton of attitude.

The winners of Monster Girl Search 2012 were shortlisted by the public vote before the very same athletes who the winning girls would go on to hang out with made their picks. Unsurprisingly, the likes of Ken Block didn’t seem to have much difficultly in sitting down and scoping the talent.

So here we have it – the best of the best, the cream of the crop and, even better, there’s a behind the scenes film of the girls in action shooting the 2012 calendar together. As part of the winning experience they also got to hang out at the Monza Rally Show with a certain Valentino Rossi who wasn’t shy about getting a photo taken with them all.

When the Monster Girls are unleashed on Europe in 2012 there’s going to be a whole new dimension of talent on show. These exclusive photos of the girls are hot as hell so feast your eyes on them all and don’t forget that the calendar shoot is only a taste of what’s in store.