2013 Gas Gas ECF250 first test

Team DBR is fresh from a day testing the first of Gas Gas UK’s 2013 bikes to hit the Britain, ECF250 enduro in sunny South Yorkshire.

The first thing to say is how damn good the 2013 bikes look in the flesh, especially under some rare summer sun. The second is to point out the one big change, the Yamaha engine slotted inside this as-you-were 2011 Gas Gas frame.


The Yamaha motor is a pokey little hybrid mix of WR and YZ250F motors and while we didn’t get chance for too much high-speed action on this test the engine proved more than subtle enough for the massive range of requirements from an enduro motor.

The home-made tubular chassis worked well through the nadgery wooded enduro course at FatCat and has a cracking positive feel when you’re switching direction hard and fast to dodge trees. Popping up and over some logs and rocks for more of an ‘Extreme’ type test proved this Gasser has plenty of hand-me-down heritage from its trials bike siblings.

All in things are good on the new ECF2504T which retails at £6599.99 and we can’t wait to try the 450 and two-stroke models when they arrive the UK, which should be September.

For full test report check out the September issue of Dirt Bike Rider, on sale August 10.