Wiseco has today announced a unique four-stroke to two-stroke conversion kits.

If you made the move to four-stroke only to regret it or have become envious of the fun of your two-stroke riding buddies then this new conversion kit from Wiseco is right up your street.

The firm says they have been hard at work on this secret project for five years. Their extensive research and development now gives all four-stroke owners the chance to ‘upgrade’ to a smoker.


The kits come with everything you need to complete your new two-stroke ride and they have partnered up with popular exhaust companies to develop pipe and silencer adapter kits as well.

The four-stroke to two-stroke conversion kits will be available this spring, starting with newer four-stroke bikes – Wiseco says you can now have that brand new KX250 or CR250 you’ve been dreaming of.

* This article was put together for April Fool’s Day. Please note it expired at 12pm 1 April 2018.