Who doesn’t love a good emoji? Here at DBR Towers we certainly appreciate the proliferation of the little smiley faces et al.

And with the launch of Apple’s iMessages stickers I know several peeps in the office that are regularly hit with amusing – some more so than others – stickers from friends and family.

But for dirt bikers, there hasn’t been anything in the Apple stickers app store that speaks to our love of the sport…until now.


In what we think is a first of its kind, an iOS motocross stickers app has been launched by a former world motocross champion.

Julien Bill who won the MX3 world championship on a Honda back in 2011 has been in touch to let us know about his new Moto Emoji stickers app.

Six months in the making, it’s now available on the Apple App Store for just 99 pence or 1 euro and can be installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you’ve not installed stickers before, it’s super easy, just follow the video guide below and search for Moto Emoji on the store.

There are loads of stickers in the app with a mix of MX, SX, enduro and road racing to use in your iMessages with your riding buddies.