With La Capelle and Mantova Starcross both selecting February 22 for their events, Hawkstone International has been forced to change their previously announced date of February 22.

If you missed our Tweet this weekend then the news of a date switch to February 8 may take you buy surprise.


Due to several clashes on February 22, HIMX feel they have been left little choice but to change the date of their event in 2015 to February 8. The 22nd clashed with Mantova and La Capelle, plus the decision (for 2013 season and beyond) by Youthstream to move to an early MXGP season start continues to have an impact as we move into 2015 as several teams and riders will be travelling to the opening GP in Qatar for the February 28 event.

The Hawkstone International team have taken the decision to move their date in the hope of attracting some more top riders and teams to the famous Hawkstone Park circuit. HIMX tell us they will be working hard to ensure the track in is prime condition to stage another fantastic International race.

HIMX Event Secretary, Gary Ford said: “We have had to make this decision and we hope making it early will not disturb people’s plans too much. The 22nd just proved to have too many clashes with events and we want to try not to clash with events, this is always going to be impossible but we hope once again we can put on a great show for the crowd.”

There’s an event that isn’t mentioned by HIMX event organisers and that’s the UK Arenacross series which will be holding round six in Glasgow on the evening of February 7 so teams entered for both HIMX and Arenacross will have a busy weekend.

If 2014 is anything to go by then Hawkstone 2015 should still be an awesome event, one that we at DBR Towers always look forward to. But if they get Ryan Villopoto signed up then hype and excitement could well go off the scale!

UPDATE: November 17, 14:28

Gary Ford has been in touch with us about Villopoto, Rattray and Arenacross: “I would like to apologise to Matt and the organisers of Arenacross who went out of their way to avoid running on the weekend of 21/22 February and unfortunately we now race the day after their event in Glasgow.”

Gary added: “Of course like any organiser we would like to have Ryan Villopoto and Tyla Rattray at the event but at this time we have had no contact from Team Kawasaki but let’s wait and see”