Following various meetings with manufacturers, riders and the championship promoters ABC Communication, the FIM has now confirmed the following changes for 2016…

  • The new enduroGP category will be drawn from classes E1 – E2 – E3
  • Starting order for the event: overall standings (number of points) following the intermediate rankings of the GP championship (for the first event, based on the overall standings after the 2015 Italian round, the CEN Bureau will validate the first start list.)
  • Allocation of points: 20 – 17 – 15, etc.
  • World Championship title in E1 – E2 – E3 – enduroGP – Juniors
  • Mechanical work: by the rider only, at the last check of the day.
  • Number plate: from 2 to 99 (for the fixed riders), whatever the class.
  • The class will be indicated by the colour of the number plates (E1 black – E2 red – E3 yellow)
  • From 101 to 199 for non-fixed riders
  • Juniors / green plate
  • Youth / blue plate
  • Women / violet plate

The FIM is working with the Enduro stakeholders on the preparation of the 2017 season and will be publishing more information in 2016.